How Large Must God’s Harddisk Be?

According to many major religions, including Islam and Christianity, god will judge all human beings for their thoughts actions and sins. Well of course, assuming that these religions are right, these thoughts and actions must be recorded somewhere. So the question is, how large must gods harddisk be?

Well, let’s find that out by calculating it in Bytes.


The Total Number of People who have Lived on earth:



The Average lifespan of a human being throughout the ages:


21.38 years


 The average size of a 1 minute video (1080p of course):


12.4 MB


That gives us a grand total of:

Estimated: 1.5e22 bytes

Translated into digits:

15000000000000000000000 Bytes

and growing. Wow.

Well of course that are other factors that may affect this number, this is just thought play, it’s still staggering though.


Words: Muslim Patrol?

Muslims today seem to have forgotten why Syariah Law exists, for it has been convoluted and sometimes practiced or enforced as actual “laws”. Religious laws often are more morals than laws, they are aspired behaviours and not prescribed behaviours.

For starters, simply, the Muslim patrol is a group of vigilantes patrolling the streets of East London and basically harassing individuals whom are perceived to be not abiding by Islamic law. You can view the stream article here.

Why this is fucked up

The Muslim Patrol has one clear objective, to create “Muslim Zones” in different areas. What does this achieve really? Lets take it to the extreme. If it is successful, it creates areas within a country where certain behaviours will be punished/deterred; i.e. Behaviours that are not “Islamic” in nature.

Notwithstanding, Islam is a religion, and Syariah Law or Islamic Law is a law that arose from the religion. It is uncalled for to basically hold free individuals to such law, whether or not they are of Islamic faith. Even if they are Muslims, no such individual should be held up to the law of the religion.

Why should individuals not be held to the law of religion?

Secular laws are passed after going through many rounds of checking and refining, through parliament or other channels that do represent the basic or lowest level of ethical behaviour, basically, fall below that expected line and you’re punished. It may not be 100% democratic and put to vote, but it still more or less represents the moderates.

Religious law/Syariah Law are laws that are taken and re-adapted from a book that is well, basically put it this way, centuries old. Laws need to be updated from time to time. Further more, religious laws represent a standard of behaviour that is to be aspired, not prescribed. Again, religious laws often are more morals than laws, they are often very dutiful in nature and they are basically set as a moral benchmark; for one to aspire to be a better human being.

I hope that in the coming days, Muslims that have been tarnishing the image and name of Islam would realize the err in their ways and help to instead create and flourish a community that is beautiful and supportive.


Words: India’s Rape Culture

Well, recently I’ve been hearing and reading many articles (too many to mention) regarding the paternalistic culture of India being one of the main reasons that rape is so rampant in the country. Perhaps that may have its roots in argument.

Though, over lunch today with a friend of mine (who is Indian, not from India, but yeah) and she pointed out a very important point. she asked me “the chinese also have a paternalistic culture, why don’t they have as many rapes in china?”.

I thought about it very long (well the chinese part of me did), and i realized, it cannot simply be labelled as paternalistic culture. The cause and effect of it is wrong. It is true that the stats of rape in china is less than in india (checking from google and general articles). But again, we would never know the REAL statistics and numbers. We are operating on reported cases and projections of non-reported cases. 

My first reply to her was. “Chinese men go to prostitutes when they get horny, they’d rather just pay their problem to go away” and it is true, sometimes, it is within the chinese culture to emphasize power and prestige by womanizing and gambling. There are many videos and stories of chinese businessmen sharing prostitutes with their associates.

So then she asked me, what do the poor ones do then do they rape? I thought about it harder, again no. They simply work hard as shit, feed their wives and children less and set aside their budget for prostitutes. (there are many low end brothels in China, you can go to to see like picture sets of these brothels and prostitutes)

So why this stark contrast, even though people draw so many similarities between China and India? I would think, it would boil down to two simple things.

Firstly the Chinese are not as well known for drinking as the Indians are. If any of you have Chinese friends, we get really REALLY hammered after a few rounds of drinks and often are unable to “ahem” get it up y’know? It may not apply to all Chinese people, but i think it applies to quite a great majority (based on the assumption that Singaporean chinese are genetically related to their China counterparts). The Indians on the other hand, often get a little bit more roused from drinking, they tend to get less hammered, just buzzed enough to remove their inhibitions even after the same number of drinks and well, basically they tend to drink harder liquors, “todi” ( some kind of indian moonshine, even the smell of it gets me hammered )

Next point, the sexuality of the culture, classical Chinese culture often depicts women as shy, fragile beings, although, they do also acknowledge that women are not all that weak, hey Wing Chun ( IP MAN MOVIE !!! ) was developed by a woman, and there are women in Chinese culture that are in positions of power and domination, ( the empress dowager ) kinda thing. In the Indian culture, women are seen as perhaps maybe less of man (correct me if i’m wrong as i’m not that well versed in indian culture) and they are often seen as objects or possessions (in some traditional chinese cultures this is also the case especially for women whom are mistresses, although mistresses are still treated with respect). There is very little SERIOUS exemplification of a powerful Indian woman. 

So yeah. India has a really serious rape culture going on.

Words: Religion and Rape; Indian Guru Blaming the India Rape Victim

You can watch the famous guru Asharam’s comments here . The news report is available here. He is basically telling his followers that the Delhi rape victim could have avoided the rape by “begging for mercy” and “whispering gods name”. Well, I am not a believer in miracles and his effort at placing the blame on the victim is really disheartening. Though, there may be little bit of logic behind the words, “begging for mercy”. Now I am definitely not blaming the victim, she did what she could, how she knew best in the given situation, and sometimes, things just don’t turn out for the best.

I would like however, to explore the idea that a person; a target of assault would be spared if they decide to beg and plead for their life. On one hand it looks pathetic and it seems that no one should ever have to kneel before another to beg for their very existence. Although, if there are extreme circumstances, such as being the victim of an assault, extreme measure have to be taken. Though, there are not many examples of live cases where victims who beg for mercy are spared either. Perhaps there would have been a slight chance that if the victim had actually begged for mercy, it may have appealed to the better nature of the attackers. Though, that is just speculation. If anyone reading this does have any interesting experiences or recounts in situations where individuals have been spared from such situations by begging for mercy, let me know, leave a comment or something.

 I am not against religion. I am firmly against those who would speculate on odds that they could never bet on. It is also another speculation as to what exactly happened in the bus as there was no exact recount of the incident that was spot on accurate and firm. So yeah, for all we know, she might have begged for mercy and whispered gods name and still gotten the same end result. Which again, leads me back to the fact that, sometimes, the people who believe in god just a little too much are the people who would attribute everything good to god, but when something bad happens, they would attribute it to the flaws of other people. “she didn’t do this, therefore she died a horrible death! BE CAREFUL HEED MY WORD!”. It seems, that god may be the only way we would ever be saved. But haven’t they considered that if all the good in this world is bestowed by god, then the intrinsic evil in human nature was also created by the almighty. If the religious leader would simply accept that, he would understand that maybe it was just really fate, or bad luck that it had to happen, not because she didn’t “whisper gods name” into the rapists ear. 

Words: On religions usage of science

I am not debating for or against religion and atheism, I was born a Muslim, and I attended part time madarasah (Islamic school) when I was younger, besides my secular education. I later attended a church, to know what their views were and I actually bought a bible and read it to understand better; what shapes the christian faith. I have also gone to temples, spoke to devout Buddhists and Hindus, most of whom were my closer friends, regarding their belief in Buddhism and Hinduism which are  pretty closely linked. Though, there are always questions that cannot be answered.

Most of the religious, especially the fundamentalists would say, Charles Darwin is ignorant. The world is just about 10,000 years old and that man was tailored by god. I dare not say that either the atheists or the religious are right or wrong. Though, there is a certain stench of hypocrisy that religion has that bothers me a little.

Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion”

Richard Dawkins brings up an interesting perspective on religion, that it can be pictured as a powerhold of facists and extremists. In the video, both the pastor of an american church and a devout muslim criticizes his view and his “society” of “atheists”, citing negative moral values and ignorance among other things. The pastor eventually goes on to say, (in short) that science discovers more things, and that it would prove the existence and supremacy of god.

In doing so, he insinuates that science is currently wrong and still needs to keep searching for answers. Though, that  has always been the case for science, what we know today, will definitely change tomorrow, and what we know tomorrow will definitely change. As long as there are new discoveries and knowledge to be gained, they would pursue it.

This arouses my thoughts, if religious figures were so adamant and so sure that science at this current juncture was wrong. Then why would they depend on science? How, you might ask do they depend on science? Simple answer. Weaponry. Weaponry was not designed by god, it was designed by men, often men of science, experts in their respective fields. Again you could argue that god planted the seed. Though, if god was so loving and so kind, he would not design weapons for people to incinerate and obliterate each other.

If you said that weapons are the devils work, then why are gods men using the devils work? If religion was so adamant about science, it should not be using weaponry at all, perhaps at the bare minimum swords, sticks and plated armour. Even then, that was “designed” by men, not god, and if god did put that idea into their heads, he would not be as the bible, quran or torah had painted him, as a kind, benevolent and loving being.

I know that there are those of you whom may disagree with me and call me stupid or ignorant, but I really do have this itch to know. Why are religions around the world, the source of so many conflicts. Especially armed conflicts where many die because of a particular groups actions. Were these men simply “using” science as a tool to forward their religious interests? If so, why do they not even try, to open up to science and see what it has to say, just for once, instead of shutting themselves out entirely and believing in a book, or much worse a story that was verbally passed down from generation to generation?

Words: What drives you? Guilt, Fear & Shame

Guilt, Fear, Shame to most, these words would mean similar things. However they are not as similar as you think. How are they similar? They are all factors of motivations, it makes people act, behave and do things in a certain way. Most things in our lives, especially in today’s environment and settings, are often based on these few main motivators. My argument, is that these motivators are weak and kind of hopeless at governing people. It tends to force people to drag themselves through life, feeling miserable, just because they couldn’t fulfill certain desires.

Fear, Guilt and shame are not the same things, even though most people generally accept them mentally as similar enough to substitute with one another.

Fear. can be seen as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat – Wikipedia. It is self-protection. I am a god-fearing man, hence I practice religion to a “T”. Really now? you pray out of fear? Weak minded fool. Seemingly fear dictates that either you have to fight, run, face certain death or bend over and take it up the pooper, in an extreme circumstance or even in mundane circumstances. Most people would pretend that they do not really feel fear. Is this the case? Well, in a place like Singapore, there is much to fear. You spit, 200 dollars fine. Throw a cigarette butt? same price. You bring in drugs of a certain weight? We’ll hang you. Well. The law is a motivator of sorts, to instill fear in people, to ensure that these “unwanted” behaviours are governed. That is, to say that the law is actually effective, such as in the case of Singapore.

Guilt. Is what most people who go into confession feel. It is that uneasy feeling that you have done wrong, by your own judgement or perhaps by the adapted judgement of others and you feel repentent, but you feel that it is never enough that you simply feel sorry. Some people go to places of worship to deal with guilt, others, well, some of them would go and meet god personally, if you get what i mean. Well. Again, it is a motivator, it could cause you to become more religious, it could cause you to end your own life and such.

Shame. Also another concept that is very close to religion. “You should be ashamed of yourself”, commonplace in the home when you’re getting scolded by your parents, or whoever, maybe even teachers at school. Well. Shame? really, it is basically what you feel when everyone around you resents you for something you did. i.e, you whipped out your weiner at dinner. That is shame, especially if you’re above the age of 5, which most of you reading this probably are.

Why do I consider these weak motivators? Well, for someone who is a grown adult, (im excluding kids cause it can sometimes be effective as a motivator for kids), you have your own views, you understand your wants and your needs better. However, a large amount of people are governed by fear. The fear to talk to someone, perhaps someone you really fancy. Only to regret it later. This example is commonplace. What if the fear drives you to do something postive, say, you do everything that you can to avoid say, losing your grades. This again, is a weak motivator as fear in itself, cannot drive you to excel in anything. Maybe it would drive you to excel in killing yourself, but thats about it. Most of the time when you feel this fear, it seems like a strong motivation, “I will study else I fail”. But if you do study and you still fail? what happens then?

Same goes for guilt, making people feel guilty is a trick of the trade for some, erm, spiritually enriched organizations, as I would call them. Why? Because guilt makes you keep coming back, I feel guilty hence I pray to cleanse my sins. Well, that might make sense to the large percentage of people in the world, however, if you look at it, praying because you feel guilty is kind of silly. Penance, is nonsense. Praying because you are thankful, that is another issue altogether. That is my argument. If you do something for someone out of guilt, you are going to do it heavy headed and half-assed. Wherease if you are doing it because you are thankful, or maybe even without a real physical reason, you just feel like say helping someone, because because. Y’know? It would foster a stronger mindset as you are doing it.

Shame, oh shame, people a many have killed themselves for this concept. Well, I think you know what I am going to say, so, kind of no point saying it. Doing things for shame is R.E.T.A.R.D.E.D. Some people have gone to great lengths to try to cover up something small that is shameful, by one upping themselves and doing perhaps even more shameful things. Well. Think about it.

Well, for the sake of argument, you could say that shame, guilt and fear does play their part in shaping things as they are, or as they will be. Though, wouldn’t it be better to teach people to be passionate about the positive things or behaviours, instead of fearing, feeling guilty or ashamed of the negative things or behaviours?

Words: 5 ways you’re cheating yourself

As humans, it is inevitable that we create excuses for ourselves. We have a need to rationalize things to make it seem like everything’s OKAY. Though, often, undesirable behaviours and habits are fostered that could affect us in many ways. So here are 5 ways people often cheat themselves into thinking that they’re okay, even when they are hanging off the edge of a cliff by a thread.

1) It is always easier to walk the path of un-enlightenment

Well, we’ve probably all been there at one point in our lives. Just that those of us that are still walking, breathing functioning human beings have probably had to pull our leg out of the abyss of un-enlightenment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about monks on the mountains. I am talking about the journey of reaching your actualized self. No one really knows what they are capable of, though you could always strive to be better and many people really do. Though, most people can see the desirable outcomes at the end of the tunnel, they are content enough by being where they are in the tunnel, giving all kinds of excuses as to why they do not want to try to get out of the tunnel.

A good example would be, people who are addicted to something, be it drugs, gambling, alcoholism, smoking. It is always the vices always the friggin vices. Well, I myself, being a smoker, am guilty of this. So you can’t say I haven’t been there. It is true, often, you would say, hmm, I’m doing this and i can see how not doing it and maybe channeling my energy to something else would be better, but I won’t because doing this is my way of ‘……..’. That, my friends is one big fat LIE. That brings me on to my next point.

2) Lying is way more effective than you give credit to

I’m sure all of us, especially those of you reading this, would have lied at some point in life before. Sometimes, people lie to get out of a spot of trouble, maybe a parking ticket perhaps. However, there are many instances when people lie to themselves even, to feel better about themselves. This is not uncommon and many people choose to do so out of sheer basic instinctual drive. To feel better. These lies often balloon out of control and would usually end up destroying their lives. Well, unless you’re intending to drive yourself one step closer to the bitter end, stop lying to yourself.

3) Thinking way in line

Well, for the general dumb-as-shit masses, thinking in line becomes a sort of life-long skill, a trajectory, from when you are shot out of that dark hole into the light, and when the doctor takes his first slap at you. Well, thinking out of line could sometimes get you in trouble, however, thinking in line is what you would do if you like spending the rest of your life bent over and taking it from the back door. Well thinking wayyyyyy out of line has its work cut out also, such as prison and soap bars going up your back door. Though, it often doesn’t hurt to think slightly out of line when it comes to life. I mean, whats the worst that could happen?

4) Not making a decision

Not being able to make decisions, is often one of the greatest pitfalls of the greats, no matter the century or era. The choice of not choosing, well still counts, dickwad. Perhaps, we all tend to try not to make decisions, for fear of being unable to please others, or for fear of repercussions to ourselves. Think about it for a moment, not choosing is often the stupidest decision you can make. ‘For the bird in the bush you lose two in hand’, hell atleast you tried if you made a decision. You would never grow if you refused every decision that came onto your plate. That is why, you should never bail out on making a decision. Even if you feel that it is a decision that may cause damage to others, you would still choose, NO MATTER WHAT, And if not choosing to do anything would be the best choice, AFTER weighing out the options, then you would make a conscious choice not to Choose anything, DO NOT, Choose apathy over the most important decisions in your life. If you choose apathy, you have already admitted defeat, and you’re basically just waiting for life to take your succulent ass and do whatever it wants with it

5) Practicing Hypocritical Self Serving, Self Righteousness
Well, this is a touchy topic, everyone wants to feel right. The world to each individual also differs, especially where perception is concerned, things can get pretty much subjective. Well, I am sure that all of you whom are reading this right now, have ever encountered a self righteous, self serving horrid animal. The kind that will never admit that he/she is wrong, and sadly, these kinds of people are most commonly found in religious circles, where everyone debates whoose god has a bigger dick. Well, Religion is good, I am not saying it isn’t. But do you really have to be so hypocritical and judgemental of other religions? GOD. Seriously, Especially those whom are hypocritical, ‘oh you mistreat people in your religion’. My answer to that. ‘Are you any better?’ Self Righteousness has never really gotten anyone further than a war, a crusade. After that, what happens? You pretend its all okay and you are the benevolent masters of the world? really? Well, no such thing as a righteous person on this earth, the fact that you are here, it means that you’re already dying, so for crying out loud, would a little less hypocracy be possible? I mean, it would not hurt to have a little less hypocracy. Right? Right? Well sadly, the answer is that everyone wants to feel right and whether it is religion or otherwise, most people would rather argue till their tongues bleed than admit that they are wrong, or that someone else is right.