Words: Is Sex Really That Big of An Issue?

In The Temasek Times Article: ASEAN scholar from NUS Law posts videos of him having sex with girlfriend on blog.

Along came many sarcastic remarks, The New Paper described the pair as “narcissistic” apparently it was a psychologist who said so.

Andrea Fonseka apparently is VERY disapproving of it as well,

Well firstly, look at it this way, they are enjoying what they are doing. Not many people can really claim to enjoy what they are doing.  Perhaps yes, having sex in a public toilet is kind of breaking the law, but come on, I am sure many people have tried that, just that they do not publicize it. Also, if they would want to post up their sexual escapades for all to see, it is up to them, who are we to judge another human being and moralize their actions for them? Secondly, it is a form of expression, they want to show the world how they are enjoying themselves. So? what is wrong with that? Are we so backward that we still consider sex as a taboo? It is simply a two (Or sometimes more people) having intercourse and other acts of sexual nature. Many people would experience sex, if not as many people experienced sex, You and I will not be walking around today.

Also, focus on yourself before you focus on others. Many comments such as Andrea Fonseka’s , which are strongly against the couple, saying that they have  “no class” and they do not know how to think of their parents. Most of the people making the comments do not even know them personally, and how do you judge if a person thinks about his parents, for all you know, they may be very filial children. Also, it is pretty unkind to say such things of people, I mean if one wanted to prove that Alvin and Vivian are wrong, they could go about and argue and prove that what they are doing is wrong, instead of simply slamming them and calling them names, which is pretty common in today’s society. 

By saying so you are imposing your own morals and values on their actions and decisions. Who are you to judge them? The answer No One. Instead of judging them, focus on your own actions, why were you viewing their erotica in the first place and then making snide comments? you can choose not to bother with it in the first place, and this respects their autonomy as individuals. They are not hurting anybody with their erotica. Right?

I personally feel that there should be discretion in choosing to involve oneself. Battles should be chosen wisely and the autonomy of others should be respected as long as they are not affecting anybody else with their actions.