Words: Muslim Patrol?

Muslims today seem to have forgotten why Syariah Law exists, for it has been convoluted and sometimes practiced or enforced as actual “laws”. Religious laws often are more morals than laws, they are aspired behaviours and not prescribed behaviours.

For starters, simply, the Muslim patrol is a group of vigilantes patrolling the streets of East London and basically harassing individuals whom are perceived to be not abiding by Islamic law. You can view the stream article here.

Why this is fucked up

The Muslim Patrol has one clear objective, to create “Muslim Zones” in different areas. What does this achieve really? Lets take it to the extreme. If it is successful, it creates areas within a country where certain behaviours will be punished/deterred; i.e. Behaviours that are not “Islamic” in nature.

Notwithstanding, Islam is a religion, and Syariah Law or Islamic Law is a law that arose from the religion. It is uncalled for to basically hold free individuals to such law, whether or not they are of Islamic faith. Even if they are Muslims, no such individual should be held up to the law of the religion.

Why should individuals not be held to the law of religion?

Secular laws are passed after going through many rounds of checking and refining, through parliament or other channels that do represent the basic or lowest level of ethical behaviour, basically, fall below that expected line and you’re punished. It may not be 100% democratic and put to vote, but it still more or less represents the moderates.

Religious law/Syariah Law are laws that are taken and re-adapted from a book that is well, basically put it this way, centuries old. Laws need to be updated from time to time. Further more, religious laws represent a standard of behaviour that is to be aspired, not prescribed. Again, religious laws often are more morals than laws, they are often very dutiful in nature and they are basically set as a moral benchmark; for one to aspire to be a better human being.

I hope that in the coming days, Muslims that have been tarnishing the image and name of Islam would realize the err in their ways and help to instead create and flourish a community that is beautiful and supportive.