7 Things Guys should know about Suits

Saw this neat video on YouTube about choosing suits for the modern man. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!


Hot Girls; Match made in heaven?

I do not mean to sound shallow but this has been on my mind for sometime. Who knows? it could be just me, though I have been noticing lately that it is a sort of trend for a hot guy/girl to date someone whom is definitely less physically attractive to themselves. I do not mean like (in a rated format) a 9/10 dating someone who’s a seven? That is more or less understandable due to subjectivity, etc. Though I mean like a niner dating a three or four. That difference here is kind of obvious. Yes they could be doing it for money or other incentives. Though some of the couples I know do not seem to have any other incentive except attraction, to each other of course.

Then I thought about it and perhaps it could be that they are really convinced that the other person is a match for them. Meaning that looks aside, their personalities are really compatible and they really make each other happy. Like the man who married a goat.

Kiss the Goat

Will you Marry Me PLEASE!

What can I say, love is a strange thing. Though perhaps the case above; that more people are dating people out of their league could be explained by this.

Simply put it, if there is less incentive for a person, and they are still somehow set on carrying on, they would have to convince themselves before commencing. Hence they would be more likely to be convinced that it is worth it, even though they have only a small incentive to do so.

More simply, it would be that if one is given something good, he or she will try to find flaws and find what is wrong with it.  Perhaps because they assume that if something is so perfect in one aspect, there must be an achilles heel, and when they do find it, they pick on it and it breaks down the entire system that they had in mind.

Adam Levine

Find the Flaw in the Picture!

On the other hand, if someone is given something that is flawed or maybe not to their advantage or liking, they would not bother hunting that crack in the armour, and in general would be more appreciative of it.

Family on Motorcycle

I'm sure this guy appreciates his bike alot more than most Ducati owners.

So maybe, just maybe, in some strange way, people really do actually convince themselves that a sixxer in looks might have a tenner personality.

Maybe its time to eat more hamburgers and put on some pounds! (Please note the detrimental health effects of being obese)