How Large Must God’s Harddisk Be?

According to many major religions, including Islam and Christianity, god will judge all human beings for their thoughts actions and sins. Well of course, assuming that these religions are right, these thoughts and actions must be recorded somewhere. So the question is, how large must gods harddisk be?

Well, let’s find that out by calculating it in Bytes.


The Total Number of People who have Lived on earth:



The Average lifespan of a human being throughout the ages:


21.38 years


 The average size of a 1 minute video (1080p of course):


12.4 MB


That gives us a grand total of:

Estimated: 1.5e22 bytes

Translated into digits:

15000000000000000000000 Bytes

and growing. Wow.

Well of course that are other factors that may affect this number, this is just thought play, it’s still staggering though.

by Ryan Goh

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