Motorcycling: Slow is not always Safe – A video in Singapore of a motorcyclist being struck down by a lorry.

So in this post I will be pointing out why slow is not always safe. Perhaps yes, going slow on smaller roads such as those in built up areas and such will provide some safety due to higher reaction time and braking distance. However, on highways it seems to be just the opposite sometimes.

This is a very usual tactic in MANY countries around the world that many drivers are guilty of; forcing a motorcyclist to yield by cutting VERY close to him/her. Usually done by drivers of larger cars and lorries, it starts by tailgating the motorcycle, then cutting into the “split” of the lane and passing the motorcyclist, quickly swerving back into the main lane. in pictorial form it looks like this,  The red blip is the rider and the blue blip is the larger vehicle.



So as we can see the vehicle driver does not give a damn about the rider, and is more concerned with simply shoving the rider out of his/her way, forcing them to yield. Perhaps some people might say, “pull to the left and slow down” (Singapore’s roads are right hand drive it would be vice versa for other countries), but is that really effective? In the video clip, the woman rider did keep to the left of the lane, but the lorry swerved back too soon and she was struck before she could complete her move to the left. That my friends, is simply the irony of the advise of slow is safe.

Now consider this, if you pulled up quicker, the driver would have no choice but to go back into the lane behind you that gives you room to breathe, afterwhich you could use the room you now have to quickly make a lane change and slow down. Slowing down in-front of a vehicle that is tailgating you is not always the wisest idea, instead speeding up and creating that room, would give you the advantage of choosing to keep your lane or to yield and move to another lane safely, at a safe distance away from any inconsiderate motorists.

So rule of the game? Check your mirrors often to see if the driver behind you is trying to pull a fast one. Throttle away from the inconsiderate motorist and move to another lane if possible.


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