Words: India’s Rape Culture

Well, recently I’ve been hearing and reading many articles (too many to mention) regarding the paternalistic culture of India being one of the main reasons that rape is so rampant in the country. Perhaps that may have its roots in argument.

Though, over lunch today with a friend of mine (who is Indian, not from India, but yeah) and she pointed out a very important point. she asked me “the chinese also have a paternalistic culture, why don’t they have as many rapes in china?”.

I thought about it very long (well the chinese part of me did), and i realized, it cannot simply be labelled as paternalistic culture. The cause and effect of it is wrong. It is true that the stats of rape in china is less than in india (checking from google and general articles). But again, we would never know the REAL statistics and numbers. We are operating on reported cases and projections of non-reported cases. 

My first reply to her was. “Chinese men go to prostitutes when they get horny, they’d rather just pay their problem to go away” and it is true, sometimes, it is within the chinese culture to emphasize power and prestige by womanizing and gambling. There are many videos and stories of chinese businessmen sharing prostitutes with their associates.

So then she asked me, what do the poor ones do then do they rape? I thought about it harder, again no. They simply work hard as shit, feed their wives and children less and set aside their budget for prostitutes. (there are many low end brothels in China, you can go to gutteruncensored.com to see like picture sets of these brothels and prostitutes)

So why this stark contrast, even though people draw so many similarities between China and India? I would think, it would boil down to two simple things.

Firstly the Chinese are not as well known for drinking as the Indians are. If any of you have Chinese friends, we get really REALLY hammered after a few rounds of drinks and often are unable to “ahem” get it up y’know? It may not apply to all Chinese people, but i think it applies to quite a great majority (based on the assumption that Singaporean chinese are genetically related to their China counterparts). The Indians on the other hand, often get a little bit more roused from drinking, they tend to get less hammered, just buzzed enough to remove their inhibitions even after the same number of drinks and well, basically they tend to drink harder liquors, “todi” ( some kind of indian moonshine, even the smell of it gets me hammered )

Next point, the sexuality of the culture, classical Chinese culture often depicts women as shy, fragile beings, although, they do also acknowledge that women are not all that weak, hey Wing Chun ( IP MAN MOVIE !!! ) was developed by a woman, and there are women in Chinese culture that are in positions of power and domination, ( the empress dowager ) kinda thing. In the Indian culture, women are seen as perhaps maybe less of man (correct me if i’m wrong as i’m not that well versed in indian culture) and they are often seen as objects or possessions (in some traditional chinese cultures this is also the case especially for women whom are mistresses, although mistresses are still treated with respect). There is very little SERIOUS exemplification of a powerful Indian woman. 

So yeah. India has a really serious rape culture going on.


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