Words: Religion and Rape; Indian Guru Blaming the India Rape Victim

You can watch the famous guru Asharam’s comments here . The news report is available here. He is basically telling his followers that the Delhi rape victim could have avoided the rape by “begging for mercy” and “whispering gods name”. Well, I am not a believer in miracles and his effort at placing the blame on the victim is really disheartening. Though, there may be little bit of logic behind the words, “begging for mercy”. Now I am definitely not blaming the victim, she did what she could, how she knew best in the given situation, and sometimes, things just don’t turn out for the best.

I would like however, to explore the idea that a person; a target of assault would be spared if they decide to beg and plead for their life. On one hand it looks pathetic and it seems that no one should ever have to kneel before another to beg for their very existence. Although, if there are extreme circumstances, such as being the victim of an assault, extreme measure have to be taken. Though, there are not many examples of live cases where victims who beg for mercy are spared either. Perhaps there would have been a slight chance that if the victim had actually begged for mercy, it may have appealed to the better nature of the attackers. Though, that is just speculation. If anyone reading this does have any interesting experiences or recounts in situations where individuals have been spared from such situations by begging for mercy, let me know, leave a comment or something.

 I am not against religion. I am firmly against those who would speculate on odds that they could never bet on. It is also another speculation as to what exactly happened in the bus as there was no exact recount of the incident that was spot on accurate and firm. So yeah, for all we know, she might have begged for mercy and whispered gods name and still gotten the same end result. Which again, leads me back to the fact that, sometimes, the people who believe in god just a little too much are the people who would attribute everything good to god, but when something bad happens, they would attribute it to the flaws of other people. “she didn’t do this, therefore she died a horrible death! BE CAREFUL HEED MY WORD!”. It seems, that god may be the only way we would ever be saved. But haven’t they considered that if all the good in this world is bestowed by god, then the intrinsic evil in human nature was also created by the almighty. If the religious leader would simply accept that, he would understand that maybe it was just really fate, or bad luck that it had to happen, not because she didn’t “whisper gods name” into the rapists ear. 


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