A unique motorcycle problem.

The lead up.
Alright let’s say that the motorcycle is on a steep slope. Your engine is idling fine. Now all of a sudden you find the engine slowing down in revs. The next thing you know it stalls and you can’t start it again. The cars behind you are horning impatiently and refusing to back up to allow you to come down.

the undefined problem.
Today I faced that particular problem. I panicked even though I shouldn’t have and started to hit the starter button praying that it would start. The sound of the starter motor grew distinctly faint and the battery was dying. I knew I had one or two more starts left before the bike gave up on me; Its useless owner. Now the problem was undefined and in my face; about to make me a sad rider.

The problem after some contemplation.
So I stopped to think about the issue. The slope was roughly 65 degrees inclined. The bike was unable to start when it has never done so in the recent days. Suddenly. It hit me hard. The petrol in my tank was not feeding into the engine, at least not in the manner I’d hoped for. I wasn’t riding on a full tank. I had about less than a quarter left. The petrol was all the way at the rear of the tank and not anywhere near the petrol cock, which meant nothing was fed into the carburettor(yes I like carbureted bikes). the tubes were empty and so was the venturi.

The beautiful and elegant solution.
Upon reaching the hypothesis, I decided to to move to a flat plane to allow the petrol into the carburettor. so immediately I called the building security (I was in a shopping mall) and the woman who came was gracious and kind, she cleared the traffic in no time. I moved down into the flat area in the car park and attempted to once again hit the starter button like a furious animal in heat. The bike immediately came to life as I heard the engine purr.

What can be learnt.
As Einstein once said, “a problem cannot be solved on the level it was created on.” In many ways this is true. Both physically and mentally. One should always face a problem in a manner that is calm and collected to ensure the best results. the solution is sometimes glaring but what separates those who find it and those who don’t is the expiration of the factors and parameters of the given issue


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