Words: Online Bullying: Amanda Todd Suicide

Well, the story of Amanda Todd can be seen here in a youtube video she posted about a month ago, before taking her own life. Nothing tells the story better than the cue cards in the video.

Well even her online memorials have been tarnished by some of her tormentors. Even with police investigations underway.

More on that @ CTV NEWS.

Everyone suffers differently from one another, and everyone feels pleasure differently from one another. Though, bullying, or any act of maleficence, should not be taken so lightly. Sometimes, emotional torment can hurt more than any form of physical violence. No one should be put through that kind of situation. Though, as it is the world is unpredictable and unfair, and sometimes these kinds of things happen.

However, there are some who would argue that Amanda Todd was in the wrong and she brought it upon herself in the situation. Perhaps she was in the wrong, but before one would ever so quickly leave the matter at that, it is wise to remember that everyone makes mistakes and perhaps her mistake was just alot more costly. No one is perfect.

Nonetheless, she suffered for her mistake and one could only imagine the emotional pain and cognitive suffering she was going through. The number of disorders that she went through. Yes, the photos cannot be taken back. Also, people cannot be expected to be forgiving about the matter. People love to see others hurt, or in the ditch, and that is the sad truth about quite a large number of people around. Sadly, this is a fact that is true, humans can be really nasty when it comes to these kinds of things.

Though, I am greatly disturbed by the fact that she had lost the will to live because of that mistake. Her perception of the matter was probably made worse by the bullying and tormenting. I know its idealistic to believe that people might see that their difficulties are not insurmountable, though, it still greatly disturbs me to see that someone with a whole future ahead of them would want to take their life because of the actions of others.

I can only hope that perhaps, she had thought through her actions and through that thought process somehow came up with the solution that ending her life was better than the suffering she was going through at the very exact moment. At the very least that would mean that she ended her life without regrets and in a respectable manner, after contemplation.






    1. Well, those whom are in bad situations or in a weak position would always somehow or another be bullied or oppressed, though, that should not be the case! Even then, you cannot expect others to change their ways, you just have to ignore the snide remarks and among other things the name calling. You are who you are, no matter what, you are the sum of your successes and your mistakes.

      on a side note: HOW ARE YOU KASH! LONG TIME NO SEE!

      1. Nicely said dude. And I’m doing alright too, just the usual school stuff. What about you buddy? Sorry it took so long for me to reply, been having a hard time trying to get onto this site for some reason.

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