Words: Racist Remarks; why we should not be angry with Amy Cheong

Well, expanding from my previous post from yesterday. I guess the community should not have lashed out and blown the matter out of proportion. The strong reaction was just as disgraceful as the initial comments.

So there is no point shouting at a person whom is too silly to realize the consequences of their words, because there is only a thin line dividing them from those whom are mentally challenged.

If you leave them alone, they would feel stupid and perhaps change their minds about their situation or remark. I am sure many of you have ever made a silly comment on twitter or facebook and had no one like your comments or even comment on your posts. Then you sort of feel a little awkward and go for the delete button about 5 hours later. After that you live and learn from your mistake and post better shit. I sure went through a lot of that sort of learning! even in real life when speaking to my friends.

By fighting back or persecuting them, you are only validating their hatred. What is the point?

This is why:

Lets say, you were at your favourite kopi tiam (coffee shop) someone came up to you, pointed at you and started hurling insults and vulgarities in multiple languages. You initially feel shocked. upon further observation you realize that the individual is mentally challenged, perhaps a form of tourette’s syndrome or some-other. Would you start standing up and shouting back at him? or start hitting him with something?

Well the clear answer for most individuals would be no. If you answered yes, it is not wrong either.


So now, some lady online made a racist remark, upon further observation, she’s obviously not mentally challenged, due to her apparently high post in NTUC membership club. However, it can be taken that she must have a real lack of self discipline and tolerance, to be able to post such insensitive remarks online. Either that or an ignorance of consequences. When you contextualize it, does lashing back and shouting back or hitting back at her really do anything for you? No. It does not, perhaps you would just like to air your own views, but for those who lashed back in a nasty, angry and insulted manner, it is like hitting a handicapped person. Would you hit a handicapped person?



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