Words: NTUC & Amy Cheongs Malay Remarks

Malays do like to have their weddings at the void deck , and that is because they would like to share their happiness with everyone, like a communal makan (eating) session, where neighbours, friends and family get together to have a good time. Though, understandably, this upsets some people as there are those whom are less considerate at the weddings.

If you would like to know why we should not be angry with her, read more in my next post here.

Well firstly, personally I feel that the matter is kind of blown out of proportion, though, that kind of remark warrants a pretty strong reaction from the public. well this was her initial post:

Well, her private life is a little difficult to separate from her professional life, with her being the assistant director of NTUC. Well, in the end she was fired from her position. Still, the question is, why fire someone who made personal remarks on their own facebook? Has the internet really become so representative of a persons personality that it should become a judge of character? So far so that everyone judges others over the internet? I’m thinking that she is perhaps a little bit intolerant and closed minded for an individual. Even then, does it affect her in her professional capacity? Maybe? maybe not.

I mean the easiest thing to say is, “serves her right LOR why she liddat?” though, perhaps she is just expressing her unhappiness in a manner that others find disgusting. She did get quite abit of repercussions from a simple matter like that, including all the hate remarks and the whole getting fired thing. Well. We’ll just have to see how the investigation turns out huh?


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