Words: URA, Conservation, Heritage and Art

While i know that this issue has been brought up countless times since the URA released its statement and the news went public on Straits times website – http://www.straitstimes.com/breaking-news/singapore/story/ura-see-red-over-graffiti-art-haji-lane-shophouse-20120924. I shall still put my two cents worth to it.

Well, as a person who goes to haji lane often, I enjoy the night life in haji lane, the food the shisha and in general the people over there. Perhaps, it can be viewed that the graffiti and the bright coloured paint might be a sight for sore eyes, though, that can be said about some of the legit architecture in Singapore as well.

The graffiti and the paint of the area, adds a touch of our time, our current world to the old architecture facade and it can only add to the value and the beauty of the place. One should see that often, the paint and the graffiti/street art that is put at a location is there for a reason. It was put there by people who have something to say. It is better than having nothing to say at all. It represents the area and the people who may oft visit the place. That, my friends, is soul, nothing can replace that soul and if the art is taken away, the soul and value of the area diminishes.

It can be compared to a girl putting on make-up. How she decides to put the make up on her face, tells a man many things about her. Is she a whore? a hooker? an elegant lady going for an evening party? It is her projection of her image to others around her. There is no one who should tell her how to put on her make up.

Hence, I hope that the URA could perhaps change their minds about stripping down the graffiti in the Haji Lane area.


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