Words: 3 Tips on Garaging your Vehicle for a couple of days

Many a time, people would have to leave their cars/bikes alone for a couple of days to go for a short trip, be it work or play. Though, they simply leave it where it is and not take any precautions to prevent it from getting damaged.

In defining a couple of days it refers to ‘close to a month’. Well the best policy is to leave it with someone you trust to have it warmed up and taken care of, e.g driven around. Though we don’t always have that luxury and sometimes it just has to sit around rotting.

1) Remove the battery connectors.

The battery often gets drained if left connected to the vehicle for long periods of time without the engine running. For most motorbikes, this can happen in about a week, while for cars it takes about 2 weeks to drain the battery. It is a pain to have to push start the vehicle or to jump start it, hence, caring for the health of the battery connectors are important.

2) Coating the Tank with 2T oil.

The fuel tank is filled with petrol, which is often not pure, also, there is a volume of air in the tank, hence, leaving the petrol sitting around in the tank for a long time without use would accelerate corrosion of the tank, causing it to corrode from the inside out. This is especially important for older bikes which have been well worn.  Cars would usually have less of a problem with this. Hence it is wise to transfer the petrol out into a temporary holding tank ( you can buy those at petrol stations for about 5SGD per piece, also known as a jerry can ).

The next thing to do is to pour some 2T oil into the tank, ensuring that the tank is coated with the 2T oil (NOT TOO MUCH).

3. Not leaving it in the open

Canvas the vehicle when you store it as the weather can take its toll on the vehicle, especially for motorcycles. You can buy a canvas from any motorcycle store or car store, for motorcycles the canvas’ often range from 15SGD to 60SGD depending on quality and branding.

Now you are ready to go and kick it!


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