Words: NUS Law Grad Getting Steamy with her Professor with Photos. Ethics and Legality

Lets see, for a long time now, many different fields of studies have come to the conclusion that ethics and legality are not items that go hand in hand. Though, legality stems from the fact that humans needed rules to abide by to ensure that the basic rights, or “ethics” were not forgone.

So, the story goes like this, a law undergrad needed her grades, and she somehow could not get them through the “normal” means, a.k.a studying and preparing well for examinations and writing good papers. So, she decided to fuck her professor for her grades. So, apparently she slept with him multiple times, for (x) number of grades. Somehow she broke and could not contain it and now, he is in hot soup with the law.

So, lets say, that legally, he accepted a “gift” with corrupt intent. Though, the party giving the gift should also be persecuted, ethically. Though legally, it doesn’t seem that the party giving the gift would be persecuted, that we will have to wait and see.

Well ethically, the “corruptor” (Person giving the gift) should be persecuted more severely than the “corrupted” (The person receiving the gift) But that’s just my 2 cents worth.

Below are the photos, more on this next time 😀


Other Images can be found @ Temasek Times


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