Words: Shell Advertising Phail

Recently, shell has begun drilling the arctic oil, to get MORE oil. Well, and they started an online ad campaign asking people to put quotes on beautiful photos of the arctic. What did they come out with? This.

Heh, drilling for oil

Why go solar when you can drill polar, and other catchy insults, that you can see here.

My thoughts on this, is that well, oil is still kind of a need right now? Though, what i did not understand is why shell would spend money on ad-men, to come out with a shitty campaign like that. Didn’t it even cross their minds that there is no way anyone would be benign towards them? Well plus, didn’t those ad men learn from Quantas’ mistake? Hell.

Though, whats interesting is that large corporations now, are at the mercy of public opinions, because of the internet and new social media that is emerging. In the past, large corporations can do basically anything the f-ck they liked behind closed doors. Well, they still do, just, even if just a little, they have to work to pander to the public. Thats quite heartening 😀


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