Words: Churches and Money Issues

The temasek times article: http://temasektimes.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/an-analysis-into-the-wealth-of-city-harvest-church/

The trend of supersized / mega churches recently has been growing. Growing to the point it resembles a cancer, a horrible tumour that is eating into society, a parasite. In Singapore recently, a few of the top echelons of church leaders have been arrested regarding misappropriation of funds. One of the top leaders, from city harvest church was picked up from his home to assist police in investigations. These transgressions if proven to be true, could incarcerate these religious leaders.

I can only imagine the anguish of some of the church members at city harvest right now. No not at their leader for being a cheat and liar; but for the government suspecting that he is a cheat and liar. To them, he is the perfect emblem, no stains, even if there were; it is immediately absolved, as “we are only human”. To be that trusting and placing that much faith in someone is absolutely dangerous and does not represent logical or rational thinking, do not ever put so much faith in a single theory, person or ideal, to a point that you become blind to other points of view; if there is even a shred of doubt, consider that the alternative might be true.

However, I am sure that these arrests are a wakeup call for some of the Christians in Singapore.  Those whom are not as sucked into the ploy might be able to step out and take a look at what really was going on and not just what they perceive their little perfect church world to be.

Somehow, it is pretty much clear how these things would play out, the leader might be found guilty as sin, though, the church followers, which include some pretty high profile people and members, would petition and pull their strings and contacts, “for it is gods will” The leader will be punished with a fine and maybe, maybe, and this is already stretching things out quite far, some jail time, maybe a month or three months. Either that, or the investigations will continue and the leader will somehow escape conviction in the first place.

Sadly, the world usually favours people whom tell you that there is a life after death, and that god, being all loving and kind would love for you to donate your hard earned money to him, and because the ‘church leader’ is a holy man, he is an embodiment of god, he would never do wrong, he will not misappropriate the funds. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Think about it for a moment, this ‘church leader’ is a human being, as dumb, clueless and frivolous as the rest of us, what makes him any better to be a “man who walks with god?” I am not one to judge, but I’d say that at the very least, presidents, prime ministers even though how horrible they may be, have the credentials to stand there and say I am a worthy of leading a nation. Though sometimes practically they prove themselves to be pretty useless at their job, this usually results in unhappiness and a re-election of a newer leader, a process of natural selection, if things were purely democratic.

Though, what does a church leader have? Good grades in Sunday school? A life of piousness? A stringent regime? No. All it takes is someone who is able to talk other people into believing their god is right. Then it sort of turns into a game of “my god has a bigger dick”. Then comes the HARVESTING, the name “City Harvest” In itself is kind of ominous, when I first heard the name a long time ago I imagined some one harvesting the city for all its worth, looting and plundering innocent souls. Who would have thought the devil would be wearing an angels disguise?


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