Words: How you say it, Not what you said.

Reuben Wang was ‘counseled’ by Saint Andrews Junior College before making ‘apology’ to DPM Teo.

Social conditioning is pretty interesting, you could find tons and loads of the stuff, people arguing that nature, or the “baseline” temperament of a person is the most important, or the situation that the person is put through is the most important. However, there are also those who agree with certain points on both sides and sort of sit on the fence.

The perspective of situation

We do not do certain things like say shouting at anyone who walks past us, well i think most of you reading this would not do that. We sit on chairs, we lie down on beds. All this, was taught to us from a young age. Society conditions us, prescribes values to what we do, and hold us accountable to it. This then becomes a cycle where the old will teach the young and the young will grow old and …. yeah you get it. There is a right time and a right place for everything, and no place at all for some things. Should things really be this way?

Reuben Wang, had opinions, perhaps strong opinions, which is good. Though, the manner in which he expressed those opinions were unpalatable by some. We have all been there; insensitivity, nasty, sharp words.

DPM Teo did not answer the questions, as expected of a minister. He was very rhetorical and asked “What do you think we can do?” This to me, is really a smarty-pants approach to saying, “I can’t give you any real, honest to heart answers” so lets see you try to figure it out yourself. I do not think that he could not answer the questions. He was educated in a fancy school with fancy ideals, from a fancy family, and now he’s a fancy minister. I feel that his whole attitude towards the questions was extremely in-congruent. When people ask you questions, especially pertinent questions, it means that they hold you in certain regard/respect and with power, comes responsibility (HEH SPIDERMAN). Authority Figures; It also means that by putting yourself in that position in the first place, you are responsible to answer his/her queries, doing the best that you can. That I feel is the least that an authority figure could do, perhaps even if he/she could not answer the query fully, point the person in the direction you feel is best.

If you have been given a question by a person who holds you in high regard, no matter how difficult it is, answer it. If you even attempt to make an answer, you have won half your battle. Explore the questions using your knowledge and your scope, to the best that you can. You owe it to yourself to do so. You fought the long and hard battle to be where you are today, which puts your experience as critical. So why are you asking rhetorical questions to Junior College students who barely are 2 decades old? That is not what should be done, pointing people in a direction you find to be best for the society should be good.

So when opinions are concerned the administration just shrugs it off and says, hey, limpeh! we are the experienced ones who fought for this nation and when questions are concerned, they ask, “what do you think?”. Not that doing this is wrong, but doing this brings nothing but misery and anguish to quite many a person who have tried to be vocal about things.



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