Words: On religions usage of science

I am not debating for or against religion and atheism, I was born a Muslim, and I attended part time madarasah (Islamic school) when I was younger, besides my secular education. I later attended a church, to know what their views were and I actually bought a bible and read it to understand better; what shapes the christian faith. I have also gone to temples, spoke to devout Buddhists and Hindus, most of whom were my closer friends, regarding their belief in Buddhism and Hinduism which are  pretty closely linked. Though, there are always questions that cannot be answered.

Most of the religious, especially the fundamentalists would say, Charles Darwin is ignorant. The world is just about 10,000 years old and that man was tailored by god. I dare not say that either the atheists or the religious are right or wrong. Though, there is a certain stench of hypocrisy that religion has that bothers me a little.

Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion”

Richard Dawkins brings up an interesting perspective on religion, that it can be pictured as a powerhold of facists and extremists. In the video, both the pastor of an american church and a devout muslim criticizes his view and his “society” of “atheists”, citing negative moral values and ignorance among other things. The pastor eventually goes on to say, (in short) that science discovers more things, and that it would prove the existence and supremacy of god.

In doing so, he insinuates that science is currently wrong and still needs to keep searching for answers. Though, that  has always been the case for science, what we know today, will definitely change tomorrow, and what we know tomorrow will definitely change. As long as there are new discoveries and knowledge to be gained, they would pursue it.

This arouses my thoughts, if religious figures were so adamant and so sure that science at this current juncture was wrong. Then why would they depend on science? How, you might ask do they depend on science? Simple answer. Weaponry. Weaponry was not designed by god, it was designed by men, often men of science, experts in their respective fields. Again you could argue that god planted the seed. Though, if god was so loving and so kind, he would not design weapons for people to incinerate and obliterate each other.

If you said that weapons are the devils work, then why are gods men using the devils work? If religion was so adamant about science, it should not be using weaponry at all, perhaps at the bare minimum swords, sticks and plated armour. Even then, that was “designed” by men, not god, and if god did put that idea into their heads, he would not be as the bible, quran or torah had painted him, as a kind, benevolent and loving being.

I know that there are those of you whom may disagree with me and call me stupid or ignorant, but I really do have this itch to know. Why are religions around the world, the source of so many conflicts. Especially armed conflicts where many die because of a particular groups actions. Were these men simply “using” science as a tool to forward their religious interests? If so, why do they not even try, to open up to science and see what it has to say, just for once, instead of shutting themselves out entirely and believing in a book, or much worse a story that was verbally passed down from generation to generation?



  1. The questions to ask is where is god? Who is god? and how do I convince myself that there is a god? In the bible it is written that we are made in the image of god. How many people actually believe that god is inside you? Everybody turns to scripture to find answers. We can never be sure that people in the past chose not to fabricate the contents of scripture. Every single Gnostic gospel that has been retrieved to this date speaks of a meaning beyond, and in some instances, against the new testament that we read today. How could it be? Yes, it is easy to to simply regard the authors of these gospels as the anti christ, but a point to note is that these scriptures are the only ones that remain unchanged because they’ve only just been found.

    There is a pretty widespread belief that when the romans popularized christianity, they also changed its contents to suit their lifestyles. Until today, there remains speculation on the vatican being a money making ploy and the reputations of the popes of the past remains in question until today. The word of god has been manipulated by man. I cannot deny that in what we read lies the essence of god, but what people have been attracted to are the manipulations of man. Martin Luther said, “Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.” People interprete this in a way that leads them to blind faith, if you have faith you do not question, but in reality what is to be understood is completely different. If the word of god has truly been manipulated then what do we do? Where do we go?

    Getting back to what I initially said, the bible, the vedas and countless other scriptures say one thing that is congruent. God is inside you and that is why the devil wants you to fall, for he yearns that glory but could never have it.Why have us humans stopped searching for god? When scripture turns you down, you keep searching, but you keep searching for only the truth.Every man’s journey to god is unique in its own way. So let us find ours in time.

    1. I would say that I am neither a man of science, neither am I a man of faith. Perhaps a little of both, though, I believe that sensory information that is tangible is easier to quantify and believe in than that which is based purely on faith. What i do not understand is the millions of people who would rather base their beliefs on faith, is it easier for them to trust a book that has been passed down for years, rather than their own experiences and senses?

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