Why arrest art?

Most Singaporeans have recently heard that the girl who was going around pasting stickers on traffic lights that said “press once can already” and painting the road stop lines saying “My grandfathers road” was caught and could possibly be sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. Well personally I feel that the administration is too strict and is kinda being an arse about the whole matter. If people do these kinds of things in good fun, and it is not offensive, obstructive or dangerous to anybody. How does that constitute a crime? If anything, the girl should be allowed and encouraged to do these kinds of art because, it makes people smile.

Here are some of her stickers:

If there is one things most singaporeans need. Its something funny on their commute to work or to school or where-ever they are going to, that could at the very least cause a smile or a chuckle. This nation is too serious. Everyone wakes up in the morning and looks at themselves in the mirror and drags themselves to work or whereever they need to be. nothing really interesting happens on the way. Perhaps if you’re an entrophy fan, one or two accidents might be of interest to you along your commute. However, most of the time everyone is tired, squeezing and really just annoyed with every other commuter around them. How does a little bit of artwork in the form of wise-cracks, hurt anybody? It does not.

People have always criticized the police force, for not acting when neccessary. They do act, however, they act on minor crimes, and make a big deal out of it like, “OH WE CAUGHT THE PERSON WHO WAS PISSING IN THE BUSHES”. That is honestly unneccessary. No one really gives a damn about these things. However, when there are serious cases the police would tell the victims to wait. Often being unable to bring the perpetrators to justice. This is commonplace in Singapore, however, the newspapers do not report crimes that have not been solved because it is still “under investigation”. If you cannot catch the culprit within 3 years, its kinda lost case no? Nonsense.

So there is a serious argument, for the girl who was going around pasting stickers, maybe she’s on to something. Something that the administration is missing out on. The importance of smiling. Well most people would atleast chuckle, atleast from the reposts I have seen and personally reposted on facebook, the number of likes is pretty significant. And it is cute, better than the weird ass diagram that exists where the sticker used to be. Well, I am not arguing for support of rampant graffiti, but i’m trying to argue that if it adds to the smiles in the public, and it is not defamation or damaging or obstructing anything. It should be allowed. Given that it has a positive social benefit.

I personally see it as an initiative by a local who is trying to make a statement about things that interest her and to express it in the form of art that is free for all to view. This should not be stifled and instead should be encouraged. Why should we arrest art?

The story on yahoo sg news: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/vandal-behind-mystery-graffiti-signs-arrested.html



  1. Yah, I do agree that a 3 years jail term is too harsh. If they just need a deterrent to prevent the same thing from happening again or copycats, a fine should be sufficient. It sounds weird to have to go to jail for pasting stickers in public, how about ppl who paste adverts on walls to advertise their services such as room rental, tuition, etc? These are ok?

    1. haha… precisely. It is because she is making a statement, and that is what counts. Adverts say nothing, or at the very least nothing that would make people think. When you are saying something that makes people think, the administration does not like that. Not at all, no sir.

  2. To harsh indeed! I don’t know.. perhaps a fair warning not to continue then send her on her way… that’s what might have happened to her if she were in Canada, that and a fine of some sort. But 3 years? Come On!!

    1. haha… here it is a fine of some sort and a maximum of 3 years imprisonment. haha I’ll be waiting to see how the case plays out entirely

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