Riders: 3 Ways to avoid getting hit at traffic lights

Most riders would know this age old problem of riding a motorcycle.
You stop at a set of lights, only to get hit in the rear end by some random driver who was tailgating you and cannot evade you on time. The rider would not be at fault of course, however the driver would not stand anything to lose, as the rider is exposed, and often, the drivers would come up with some kind of excuse to try to wiggle their way out of the situation. I have been hit from the back atleast once or twice, however, I was lucky that i anticipated the hit and accelerated, hitting the throttle, hence reducing the impact of the hit, saving myself and my bike from a very twisted fate.

So here are 3 ways you can escape the fate of the unfortunate motorcyclists:

1) Lane split at traffic lights.
Yes, it makes you look impatient and sometimes it even annoys the drivers around you. However, lane splitting at traffic lights does have its benefits. Being nestled in between large pieces of metal a.k.a the cars around you, it gives you a buffer zone, in case some errant driver decides to hit the gas instead of the brakes. It would crush the cars around you like tin cans. You, however, are safe and not flying across the junction.

2) Always take a glance in the mirror
While you are stopping for the lights, it does not hurt to take a quick glance in the mirror to see if someone is up; knee deep in your ass. Especially at night, this is helpful as you can quickly estimate the distance from the headlights. Also it is often at night that the car drivers are kind of sleepy and sometimes not paying attention. Glancing in the mirror allows you as a rider to know what is coming up behind you and protect yourself from the ill fate of getting hit unexpectedly by a car.

3) Stop to one side of the lane if there are no other cars around you. Most people would think that stopping in the center of the lane is safe. However, it is one of the worst decisions that you could make on a bike. There are quite many a person who have been run over because they stopped in the center. Sometimes, especially when the light has just turned ember and you’re preparing to stop, it makes sense to stop at the side of the lane, either on the left or on the right of the lane itself, to leave almost an entire lane free for a car. This is due to the fact that sometimes, people just want to run the lights and try to make it on amber, or even red and they will not stop at anything, not especially when they assume that the rider in front of them is going to run the lights as well.

3 Tips that might help to save yourself some pain.



    1. Thanks! It is illegal in Singapore as well, though even the police riders do it. Probably due to the fact that most Singaporean drivers can be very aggressive and there have been quite a few cases where drivers hit police bikes. 🙂

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