Words: Malay weddings and bike escorts


Why? why  do you have to burn rubber, wasting it on the tarmac. Worse, burn your clutch, many a time the smoke that comes out during burnouts is clutch smoke.

Malay weddings in Singapore usually are held under the HDB blocks. Its cool, open concept and really admirable that they would share their joy with everyone. However, sometimes, things get a little out of hand, and really, doing burnouts  on public roads during weddings is seriously uncalled for and kind of irrational. Revving and blowing your engines is another annoyance to others, and it causes damage to the pistons and valves as well.

Most of the guys who rev their bikes kind of look like this:

I mean fine, some people at the wedding might wanna show off; they got a loud bike with a loud pipe, but really, don’t do it unnecessarily. Doing it in an industrial carpark at midnight, perhaps, it might not be as annoying. Doing it in a crowded estate on a sunday afternoon really?

It is that time, that one time, that very special day, some might say. But, on a special day, what significance does burning rubber, clutches and the engine itself have? Answer to that None. It is a blatant way of showing off, just like how the well hung guy in the gym walks around in the locker room without a towel. Its just gross and it does not prove anything to anyone.



    1. Haha… oh sometimes they even do donuts around the bride… 😉 so you are not wrong in a sense

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