Words: The first time I dismantled an engine

Today was a long day, however, I was very happy that uncle obliged to me dismantling an engine for him to overhaul. I was stoked at the thought of it. Though, Little did i know that it was going to be that hard.

Well there will be no photos, cause my hands were so damn greasy during the job that touching my phone would have probably killed it.

First were all the external screws, nuts and bolts, those were pretty simple to remove. With uncles help and guidance i got those off with a screw driver, some ring, standard and socket wrenches and a hammer. The difficult part came when I had to knock open the engine, only to find that the crank was jammed and the whole inside looked something like this.

So uncle got around to showing me how to open some of the parts. However, I, being clumsy, was kind of slow at doing it. However, the feeling of having opened and actually understand the little gears, pinions and stuffs that go on inside the engine, is really quite interesting.

Well i guess the rest will be done soon.



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