Words: Thank you Mr Shanmugam: Minister Pledges help for cabby’s family

A continuation from my previous article Letter to Ma Chi’s Family.

Well, I mean recently, the sentiment about the government in Singapore is quite usual; “Oh they (the govt) are so apathetic towards us (citizens) they favour the foreigners and they have left us to die and there’s nothing we can do about it”. Then came this guy:

Personally, I felt that as with everything else, there are pros and cons. However, I felt very heartened by the gesture that Mr Shanmugam, a Minister and the MP for Nee Soon GRC, where the cabby was from, pledging to help the family of the cabby. (you can read the article here – Yahoo News). Well, I mean even though this is a one-off case, it does show that the people running the country, still have a heart and a soul. Some may argue that this is crap and it is just “wayang” a.k.a Just for show. I feel that even if it is the case, it is still a kind gesture and well it is sort of L.I.C.D (Least I could do) for the government. The fact that Mr Shanmugam has pledged it, is already choosing to make a choice, whether for whatever motivations, it is still choosing to make that choice. It is always easier for anyone, whether a government official or not, to turn the other eye and just walk away, perhaps only offering their condolences.

Mr Shanmugam’s pledge to help the family of the cabby really made me re-think things, even if it is a load of “wayang” crap, something was done to help the family of the deceased cabby. That in times of adversity, our ministers are still willing to step up and do something about it. Renewed faith; there is still hope for this little island that is Singapore.


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