Words: To the Family of Mr Ma Chi

Family of PRC Ferrari driver Ma Chi scolds Singapore netizens: Hold back your ‘poisonous’ tongues!. – Temasek Times

Well, with reference to the article, I feel that this transcends the current issue which most people are talking about, the issue that he is a PRC. Well, personally I feel that it does not make a difference. The difference, lies in the fact that the family are currently acting like spoilt & rich pansies. Heads up to the family of Ma Chi, you cannot force people to re-evaluate their opinions, especially when its online. You are asking people to ‘hold back their poisonous tongues?’. Well, the internet is free for anyone to express their opinions, and this is not China, where you can simply censor comments.

Your husband, was irresponsible, intoxicated and fraternizing with a young 20 year old girl. That is what he is, it does not matter if he makes a million a year, or a million an hour. He did what he did, the consequences are clear and it seems that you are in denial. Instead of lashing back out at the public, maybe you should trying being gracious, especially to the family of the taxi driver who was killed in the accident, fighting the public will not make you any happier, neither will it make you a better person, nor improve the situation. So you should focus your efforts on at the very least, compensating the taxi drivers family. Both you and the taxi drivers wife, have lost your husbands, only difference is that you have the financial capacity to live through it, she doesn’t, show some compassion where your husband did not. Think about it.



  1. Yay!!!! Someone has finally spoken some sense. Well done and well put. Need I say more?

    Any follow up to this case or is it being swept under the carpet.

    1. well. Sadly, follow ups of such cases are always silenced, who knows, perhaps they did compensate the family of the taxi driver. Perhaps they did not.

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