Words: Thoughts on the Recent Ferrari Accident in Singapore

The next article: Letter to the wife of Ma Chi: Both you and the taxi drivers wife, have lost your husbands, only difference is that you have the financial capacity to live through it, she doesn’t, show some compassion where your husband did not. – ryan adnin

Recently, in Singapore, there has been news of an accident involving a Ferrari, a taxi and a motorcycle. This accident currently results in 3 deaths, that of the Ferrari driver, who died on instant. The taxi driver, who died in the hospital due to bleeding in the brain, and the passenger of the taxi, a female japanese who was living in Singapore.

Here, we see how the inconsiderate actions of someone costing the life of others. I feel deeply sorry for the loved ones of the deceased.

Well, I mean, I know its a ferrari, but atleast, have the decency to check before you beat the red light. Come on, is it that difficult? The wife of the guy driving the ferrari is also being shameless, she’s appealing to the public to reveal the identity of the girl with her late husband in the ferrari. I mean, don’t you have other things to worry about? besides, you still have all that money, and all that insurance.

I hope that people will learn from this incident, and perhaps be a little bit more cautious at the lights, especially in the middle of the night, whether or not it is green light for yourself, do check around a little before you go, alright?


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