Words: 5 ways you’re cheating yourself

As humans, it is inevitable that we create excuses for ourselves. We have a need to rationalize things to make it seem like everything’s OKAY. Though, often, undesirable behaviours and habits are fostered that could affect us in many ways. So here are 5 ways people often cheat themselves into thinking that they’re okay, even when they are hanging off the edge of a cliff by a thread.

1) It is always easier to walk the path of un-enlightenment

Well, we’ve probably all been there at one point in our lives. Just that those of us that are still walking, breathing functioning human beings have probably had to pull our leg out of the abyss of un-enlightenment. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about monks on the mountains. I am talking about the journey of reaching your actualized self. No one really knows what they are capable of, though you could always strive to be better and many people really do. Though, most people can see the desirable outcomes at the end of the tunnel, they are content enough by being where they are in the tunnel, giving all kinds of excuses as to why they do not want to try to get out of the tunnel.

A good example would be, people who are addicted to something, be it drugs, gambling, alcoholism, smoking. It is always the vices always the friggin vices. Well, I myself, being a smoker, am guilty of this. So you can’t say I haven’t been there. It is true, often, you would say, hmm, I’m doing this and i can see how not doing it and maybe channeling my energy to something else would be better, but I won’t because doing this is my way of ‘……..’. That, my friends is one big fat LIE. That brings me on to my next point.

2) Lying is way more effective than you give credit to

I’m sure all of us, especially those of you reading this, would have lied at some point in life before. Sometimes, people lie to get out of a spot of trouble, maybe a parking ticket perhaps. However, there are many instances when people lie to themselves even, to feel better about themselves. This is not uncommon and many people choose to do so out of sheer basic instinctual drive. To feel better. These lies often balloon out of control and would usually end up destroying their lives. Well, unless you’re intending to drive yourself one step closer to the bitter end, stop lying to yourself.

3) Thinking way in line

Well, for the general dumb-as-shit masses, thinking in line becomes a sort of life-long skill, a trajectory, from when you are shot out of that dark hole into the light, and when the doctor takes his first slap at you. Well, thinking out of line could sometimes get you in trouble, however, thinking in line is what you would do if you like spending the rest of your life bent over and taking it from the back door. Well thinking wayyyyyy out of line has its work cut out also, such as prison and soap bars going up your back door. Though, it often doesn’t hurt to think slightly out of line when it comes to life. I mean, whats the worst that could happen?

4) Not making a decision

Not being able to make decisions, is often one of the greatest pitfalls of the greats, no matter the century or era. The choice of not choosing, well still counts, dickwad. Perhaps, we all tend to try not to make decisions, for fear of being unable to please others, or for fear of repercussions to ourselves. Think about it for a moment, not choosing is often the stupidest decision you can make. ‘For the bird in the bush you lose two in hand’, hell atleast you tried if you made a decision. You would never grow if you refused every decision that came onto your plate. That is why, you should never bail out on making a decision. Even if you feel that it is a decision that may cause damage to others, you would still choose, NO MATTER WHAT, And if not choosing to do anything would be the best choice, AFTER weighing out the options, then you would make a conscious choice not to Choose anything, DO NOT, Choose apathy over the most important decisions in your life. If you choose apathy, you have already admitted defeat, and you’re basically just waiting for life to take your succulent ass and do whatever it wants with it

5) Practicing Hypocritical Self Serving, Self Righteousness
Well, this is a touchy topic, everyone wants to feel right. The world to each individual also differs, especially where perception is concerned, things can get pretty much subjective. Well, I am sure that all of you whom are reading this right now, have ever encountered a self righteous, self serving horrid animal. The kind that will never admit that he/she is wrong, and sadly, these kinds of people are most commonly found in religious circles, where everyone debates whoose god has a bigger dick. Well, Religion is good, I am not saying it isn’t. But do you really have to be so hypocritical and judgemental of other religions? GOD. Seriously, Especially those whom are hypocritical, ‘oh you mistreat people in your religion’. My answer to that. ‘Are you any better?’ Self Righteousness has never really gotten anyone further than a war, a crusade. After that, what happens? You pretend its all okay and you are the benevolent masters of the world? really? Well, no such thing as a righteous person on this earth, the fact that you are here, it means that you’re already dying, so for crying out loud, would a little less hypocracy be possible? I mean, it would not hurt to have a little less hypocracy. Right? Right? Well sadly, the answer is that everyone wants to feel right and whether it is religion or otherwise, most people would rather argue till their tongues bleed than admit that they are wrong, or that someone else is right.


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