Words: 5 Reasons why women have it easy.

In an article quoted recently in temasek times, a Nude Model, is now in the limelight as she took nude shots somewhere on an island within Singapore’s territory. She was paid, SGD 1,000 (USD808) to have nude shots of her. Altogether, she is said to have 13 shoots done so far, so that amounts to about SGD 13,000. WoW. So It got me thinking, do women really have it easy?

5) Women cannot be subjected to caning or any form of capital punishment.
Well, firstly, with so much heated debate about female rights and the rights of women and equality. there is still a niche market for female criminals. Did something wrong? well don’t worry our country wont tear your ass like a christmas day present. well it states here, A convicted male criminal who is between the ages of 18 and 50 and has been certified medically fit by a medical officer may be subjected to judicial caning. Perhaps, it does follow the old British/Colonial laws, but really? Why should you cane guys and not women. Where even in the military, where caning is a form of punishment, it only applies to males whom are serving, never the females. Perhaps, just maybe this is because they would not want any sexual harrassment charges. Though if you got a female to cane the shit out of that criminal ass? That to me, seems fair.

4) Women can cry rape.
Hey! Men get raped too, there are female rapists out there whom are just as depraved and psychotic as their male counterparts, it is naturally assumed that just because men are generally physically larger and “stronger” they are able to fend off these female rapists, and in the event that something happens, he “wanted” it. Well. this is where you are wrong, studies have shown that there are a large number of male rape cases that were reported, though, their cases were never taken up to court and even if it did, it often ended unfavourably for the men. It is embarassing enough to say that a woman whooped your ass and made you her bitch, but LOSING the case? because of gender? Man thats messed up.

Men can be, and are, sexually assaulted every day. Any man can be sexually assaulted regardless of their size, strength, appearance, occupation, race or sexual orientation. Male rape can happen at home, work, out doors, in your car, in the military, prisons, in locker rooms, rest rooms, public toilets, in fact just about anywhere a rapist thinks they can get away with it, and it can happen to any male. – Aest.org.uk

3) Women can choose to go dutch.
When a woman says lets go dutch, it either means that she is extremely independant or she just never wants to see you again. In any case, when a woman goes dutch it seems that she is independant and it is somehow viewed in a positive light, where, i.e she has the decency to pay for herself. OH but much less can be said for a man, if a man tries to go dutch, he’s cheap and you should dump him girl! he’s a loser with asijfoai and he can’t pay foo shizz. He’s not going to be marriage material and he is going to make you suffer and live in poverty, DUMP HIM WHILE YOU CAN GIRL! That. Ladies and Gentleman, is simple civic inequality, right there. Sometimes, yes perhaps at that point of time he’s kinda broke and shit, or sometimes he’s really just sick and tired of having to pay for shit he didn’t order, nor shit he didn’t eat.

2) Women are allowed alimony
Women, when going through the process of divorce, often sorrowfully tell the judges, oh, I am used to this, I am used to that. The judge often makes the man pay, to ensure that she is ‘close’ to her usual standard of living. WHY DOES THIS EVEN OCCUR? even if she is the one that is suing for the divorce, even if the reason seems insufficient for a divorce, the woman usually wins and gets the money she wants. What about the man? as Chris Rock said, ‘I’m used to fucking her twice a week’. Would the judge give that to the man as alemony? the answer is no. So the man is left stranded, has to take care of everything inclusive of himself and the woman, who is no longer his wife, and he has to pick up all the slack where she no longer contributes to the household. That my friends is why some people get pre-nups. which brings me on to my next point.

1) Women are always right
If you’re a guy, have you ever tried arguing with your girlfriend/wife/whateverthefuck. You will. And I mean you will, end up losing the argument. Even if you feel you won, you will have lost the argument, as even if you are right as right as the path that the man in the sky walks, you will lose the argument. For the simple reason, she WILL NOT LISTEN TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. When she starts going. ‘Ohhh… Yeah… You’re Right’. She is just saying, ‘Fuck you you are a little kid I am not listening to your stupid words’. So, in essence, forget it! why waste your time getting mad, arguing and spewing shit, just because you feel you are right, if the argument does not get across, then it is no longer an argument, a monologue is a sad fucking situation that happens in plays when the character is trying to decide whether he should die from poison or live a life of misery. Oh and don’t forget, she has control, she will always, always play the card of, NONE FOR YOU TONIGHT HONEY, and you instantly lose, all because you have a pair of balls between your legs.



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