Words: Boyfriend of Singapore Underaged Prostitute Believes she is INNOCENT! PLUS MORE PHOTOS! WOO HOO

Well this is a guy i really respect. He chooses to stand by his girlfriend even though the whole world, apparently, even their inner circle of friends have admitted that they knew about the whole prostitute thing since a long time ago. Thats bullocks. Well. I mean I cannot criticize someone for unconditional love. but he’s DENYING it. That is not unconditional anymore, he’s saying that she is innocent and he will stand by her no matter what. Though there is a whole shitload of evidence that matches the web profile of the girl to her “IRL” in real life. LoL.

I feel that she should have atleast been honest about it, and well, maybe if she is really guilty, tell him that she is. It takes a great person to love unconditionally, but it takes an even greater person to deny and go against the masses, It takes the greatest person to lie to a trusted companions face about a matter so serious and try to convince them otherwise. Well I feel, that singapore should have an equivalent of the Jerry Springer show, since we have so many scandals popping up here and there. Well I know the censorship board would not agree with that but really. It’d be nice to watch shit like this get thrashed out on TV. HELL I’D PAY FOR THIS KIND OF SHIT ON TV.

Well all that said, lets assume for a moment that she’s innocent and the whole masses and all the people leaking shit is just wrong and out to burn someone at the stake. Perhaps, Maybe just perhaps we owe an apology to her. Yeah. Possibly, but I don’t think that as a whole it would be very possible for everyone on the internet to apologize to her, if of course there was proof that we were wrong. WE WERE ALL WRONG FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

Hell I’d apologize if there was an official statement released and I knew that I was wrong. Though. What difference would it make. We’re all just cynnical people waiting to burn someone at the cross anyways. Admit it, you don’t care if this is true or not, you’re just reading it cause its interesting. For the most part, most people are just following the trends and topics, whether or not its true is another part.

That goes to my next point, if the prostitute in question did LIE about her age, and the guys did not check to see if that was her true age, well, that is again a mistake, well and we all know that much of the information that is reposted might be wrong, but we DONT CARE, Just like how the guys DID NOT CARE when they SCREWED an underaged girl. So goodluck and good day here are the photos of her + her boyfriends and some of her friends as well. Taken from Gutteruncensored.com

For the rest of the images, visit http://www.gutteruncensored.com



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