Words: How 1 Woman Destroyed 44 Men

PHOTOS: 17 year old Polytechnic student cum prostitute with C cups breasts. – Referring to the Temasek Times WordPress Site.

Start by closing your eyes. Set your own intrinsic morals and ethics aside. Next imagine, that you are a man, seeking comfort in perhaps a harlot; a prostitute, but you don’t want just any old prostitute from Geylang(Red-light District in Singapore) You want a Premium one, like a call girl, or a Class-A Slut. You chance upon this great website your friend sent to you, for social-escorts with “special” services.


Too bad the original site got taken down

You look “long and hard” at the photos, no, actually it only took you a second to notice that rack. You see that on the site she provides many different types of sexual services, a wide variety to choose from. Plus the site says she’s 18!

Would you do it? If you said no, you are probably still projecting your own morals and ethics, and not getting the point.

From a purely economic standpoint, she is a Veblen good, her perceived value increases due to her “high” prices, going at SGD450 – 850 per session. She offers variety in her service which is also another strong deciding factor.

THOUGH, no one has thought to distrust a webpage. One of the simplest things around. Well you could say that a large portion of the guys implicated are pretty much impulsive. They probably went with their impulses and solicited the services, even though there might be a chance that she is not what she was advertised to be, at the very least, in the legal respect.

Can you really blame them? I feel that you cannot really put the blame solely on the 44 implicated men. Subhas Anandan, said and i quote, “How is anybody going to know what he is charged for when you don’t know who the girl is, and what her age is? Who are they trying to protect?” Personally, my opinion is that he has made a good point. A girl at whatever age, if she decides to prostitute herself for money, could be considered as in the wrong as well, she cannot be protected simply because she is 17 and still a minor, in the eyes of the Singapore law. So what if she was forced into it you might ask? In that case, then the pimp, or the enforcer, should be the one who should be punished severely for misrepresenting the age of the girl and for forcing her against her free-will.

Again, some of you might say, but it takes two hands to clap, following the idea of “stop buying endangered wild-life products”. Well it does take two hands to clap, but does it really? Trying to solve the problem from that standpoint, puts the responsibility in the SOCIETIES ability to judge right from wrong, and in such a large pool of individuals, there are thousands, perhaps millions of ethical and moral standpoints, each differing from the other with varying degrees. It is like cutting a weed, cut one down and two will grow in its place. Rather, they should focus on severely punishing the  PROVIDER of the services, this would serve as a display and as a warning of the moral and ethical standpoint of the society.

I am not saying that the men whom solicited her services should not be punished. Though, I feel they should not be sentenced as heavily as the full penalty, due to the circumstances that there is FRAUDULENT information involved and also, the fact that the sex trade prays on a very delicate place in certain individuals minds, in a place that involves much more impulses and irrational actions.



  1. Very interesting post and well articulated. I agree with you that it is the provider that should be punished. They have misled, lied and falsified the details of their clients. If the men chose to go with women who they knew were 17 yrs old or younger, that would be a different case entirely. In this instance they believed that the girl was 18. The old caveat of ‘Buyer beware’ is especially true in this instance. It is the oldest trick in the book, not just Escort agencies, but the pimps and sometimes the girls themseves to lie about their age.

    Sadly, prostitution will always be a way for girls and women to earn their living if there is no other option, and if I was much younger, and desperate for money I would probably be very tempted to do the same myself. The problem is never the girls, but the men who make their life hell by manipulation, bullying and treating them like scum.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Well yeah, the pimp should be punished severely to prove a point.
      I agree with you that prostitution will always be a means to an end for some women who choose to walk down that lonely road. The ‘end’ is both positive and negative, money being the positive and negative being STDs, incarceration and many other unwanted problems. And Yes, it is these men and sometimes other women “mamasan”, who provide the structure for the trade, in many places, not only in Singapore

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