How To: Change/clean your Air Filter.

2 Strokers/2 Smokers, It really sucks when you get your Air filter gets dirty or carburetor chokes up cause of dust, dirt, water. Towing costs a fortune and labour charges aren’t any cheaper.

Maybe this DIY guide would help you out.

I currently do not have the photos for the carburetor portion because my hands got too dirty while doing it. But Hey! whats fixing a bike without getting your hands grimy huh?

First Step: Remove the seats. Locate the fuel tank nuts and bolts.

Second Step: Remove the fuel tank nuts and bolts BUT DO NOT REMOVE THE FUEL TANK FIRST.

After the screws have been removed, you will need to remove the fuel line leading to the fuel switch on the tank, plus the fuel sensor cable clip (if applicable).

Remove the tube carefully using a set of pliers. Then, remove the tank.

Step 4: Open the air box! Congrats! you are at your last step!

once this is done, reverse the steps and you are ready to ride!


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