Motorcycle Advertisements.

Recently, I saw the Harley Davidson 2011 Advertisement and I was really enchanted by the long open stretches of road that they featured, the music was also great!

Harley Davidson 2011 Commercial

So I went up and searched other advertisements and I found that unlike Harley Davidson, whose commercial featured only about 30% of the time on close-ups of the bike, most of the other companies are very machine-centered, such as the Kawasaki ZX-10R commercial below.

Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011 Commercial

On looking at it, the commercials are both good and equal representations of the motorcycles that they are trying to promote respectively. The Harley Davidson advertisement, true to its riders and vision, is about creating a lifestyle where riding is its center and the act of riding, hanging out with your bike buds is the main focus.

The Kawasaki on the other hand was designed for speed, precision, handling and the aesthetics, Oh what a looker she is! Therefore it is only logical that its advert would be created somewhat more bike-centered, where the video takes close up shots of the bike on the streets, its curves, sleek body and angled edges.

Searching some more, I found third-party ads, or Ads that were not originally created by the manufacturer of the motorcycle, and look what I found, below, Honda CBR1000RR ad that was created by a radio station.

Honda CBR1000RR Commercial that is produced by a Radio Station.

Tell me now, after viewing this ad, would you buy a Honda CBR1000RR?

Well there is much more that can be said about motorcycle advertisements, but perhaps, motorcycle companies should consider outsourcing their advertisements as it seems that a third part better interprets the product in terms of form and feeling. heh.


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