Review: Kawasaki KRR150

Thoughts that come to mind, the Kawasaki KRR150 is a small, nimble and light weight two-stroke machine. Though, this post may be more applicable to those in Asia rather than in the European countries as the 150cc Two Stroke is seldom or maybe even never seen in Europe.


Quick Facts, Kawasaki KRR150 is a 150cc Two-Stroke single cylinder sports bike. It was created mainly for the Asian market where small machines are popular. It runs a 6 speed gear box. Single disc in the front, Single disc in the rear for brakes. Kick Start Operation!

Opinions on the bike, the first time I took the bike out, It was a pretty strange feeling as I was not used to riding two-stroke sports bikes. Though, after a day of riding around and getting used to the controls, I was actually enjoying it much more. The bike is light, nimble and had a surprising amount of power above 5,000 revs. The corners which were a little scary to take at first suddenly started to feel like home; as if the bike was created for that very purpose. Soon I was able to head into the corners and crack open the throttle with confidence, even though the tires fitted to the machine were pretty skinny. However, do exercise caution as the bike starts shimmying if the throttle gets cracked open too widely. Now most of us will know how that feels, though on the KRR, it feels insanely fun as the rear tire pulls out and skids.


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