Happier Today Than Yesterday

I believe that there are a plenty of write ups of self-help catered at the masses, to aide people in finding directions, to give them purpose or meaning. One of the ways for goal setting commonly, is, “where do you see yourself in the next 10 years or in the next 5 years”. Long term goal setting I find is important, yes, though, when people tend to focus too much on their long term goals, they start to lose sight of the “baby-steps” or short term goals. A person once told me, “The most important thing is that you are happier today than yesterday”.

6 Months

I feel that 6 Months is a good period to attempt to achieve a short term goal. It is short enough for a sense of urgency, yet long enough to be feasible.

I will placing myself through this regiment to attempt to (hopefully) come out a better person from this. I guess we all have to believe in ourselves sometimes right?

What are my goals? within the next 6 months

  • I aim to get fit once more; I had lost much of my physique during National Service.
  • Revise and be able to do the retake of my ‘A’ Levels Consistently.
  • Score well for my current course

How do I intend to achieve them?

  • Static Exercise Routines, done every other day
  • 3 x 2 hours per week of focused intensive studying + study time with friends for when I require assistance
  • Doing my assignments promptly and with conviction.

Why am I doing this?

Why. The answers to these 3 simple letters can really determine a persons success or failure as “why”, usually dictates the motivations/purpose of a person. In many cases one can easily see that the stronger the positive motivation/purpose for an action, the more conviction it gives the person, which then translates to the level of success. By Positive motivation/purpose I mean that the motivation should be the rewards, especially towards “self” and not for the opinions of others. These rewards should also be primary and direct and not be secondary; a means to another reward.

  • I want to get fit not because I am afraid that others may look at me and say, “oh he’s scrawny”, it is because I know that a firm body would put me in better health both physically and mentally.
  • I want to do well for my ‘A’ levels so that I can pursue the degree of my choice
  • I would like to do well for my current course, so that I can enjoy the knowledge and skills gained from it.

I know this may sound like a load of hypocritical B.S. Though, I am trying to see if this model/mode of doing things might suit myself better, as most of the time my long term goal setting often goes down the toilet, often due to unforeseen circumstances as things often get unpredictable, even in a short period of time. Therefore I am going to attempt to stick this through and tough it out. I will be updating along the way with regards to my current situation.



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