How-to: Installing the Pivot VS-1 Voltage Stabilizer

Locating the Battery

Firstly, you would have to find the battery,

which, generally is under the riders seat, for most motorcycles.

Removing the Seat.

Battery compartment

Battery Compartment

Removing the Battery Connectors

This part may be slightly dangerous, you might want to get gloves to do this bit.

Usually the battery connectors are screwed in using Philips head screws (+).

Remove those screws using a Philips screwdriver, at no point should the Positive and Negative +/- ever come into contact with one another as it may cause a short in the circuit.

There may be a few sparks as you are removing the negative (-) point, do not be alarmed.

Removing the Battery Poles

Positioning the VS-1 Unit

Find a space that is suitable, the back of the VS-1 has 3M double sided tape that allows for the unit to be mounted firmly. I mounted it through to the rear seat compartment of my CBR400. Positioning is important so that the unit will not be jiggled about while riding.

Positioning in the Rear seat compartment of my CBR400RR (where the TeQ box is.

Attaching the cables for the VS-1

The cables for the VS-1 are attached to the battery in a similar manner that the main cables are. However, do check carefully for the polarity, negative and positive +/- has to be observed at all times when connecting to the batteries.

Blue for (-) Negative
Red for (+) Positive

You can attach the cables directly underneath the master cables running from the batteries like so.

Bolted in with the original power cables, Red and Blue +/-

Only thing left, Enjoy the ride!


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