An Analysis of Driving Behaviours in Singapore.

The Singaporean mindset, “kiasu” as they call it, meaning, “fear of losing” in Hokkien Dialect. This fear dictates not only that they should not lose, it also dictates that others must lose, for you to win. Flawed mindset?

This attitude tends to manifest itself in almost all aspects of our lives, including, driving and riding.

This may not only be restricted to Singaporeans, but have you ever had someone overtake for the sake of overtaking, or someone driving/riding in a manner that would “scare” you. In essence I am referring to aggressive driving. Imagine you are riding on a nice cloudy day, the surroundings are surreal and suddenly, some wanker shows up from behind and takes you dangerously. I believe most of these riders/drivers lack introspect. They also have an illusion of grandeur, and an inflated self-image.

Valentino Rossi Vs Casey Stoner

What they think they look like

Their daftness impresses no one, except themselves. With their half faced helmets, slippers, T-Shirt and shorts, they do not realize that they look like meat bags ready to be thrown onto the road and sprinkled as garnish all over it.

Mat Rempit

How They Actually Looked.


Oh What a Looker!

Do they really have to do the stupid things they do? No. Though, they seem to enjoy the pain of others. Perhaps some may call it youthful indiscretions, yet, even some of the elder drivers/riders would do these things. People may act in this manner due to many different reasons, though no reason is good enough to substantiate being a wanker. What makes matters worse, is the victim usually pursues the matter and tries to “fight back”. This is essentially stooping down to the level of their aggressors.

Bus and Truck Drivers are another case entirely. Again this is not across the board and there are those that will be careful on the roads. I guess this problem does not only occur in Singapore. ” This is what a bus company in Jinhua, China does to avoid high compensation due to expensive car crash — it teaches its drivers to recognize luxury car logos.”(Stomp, 2012,

Stupidest idea I have ever heard. Stupidest. Hands down. The Chinese have been known to do queer things. This, this is an entirely new level they have attained. I guess having 1 Billion people in China has made them complacent of the value of human lives, “Chinese Girl, 2, Run Over by Van, Ignored by atleast 18 passers-by” (FoxNews, 2011, In essence the driving companies teaching the bus drivers to avoid luxury cars, are implying that it is not as bad to have an accident with say, a Hyundai, because the people and the car are not worth as much as someone whom is in a Lamborghini.

With the large influx of Chinese drivers taking up the positions in the Singapore public transport system, namely driving SBS Transit buses and SMRT Buses, I am pretty worried about the state of the Singapore roads. There have been an increase in the number of fatal accidents involving buses and trucks, and the general trend is that of increase as the statistics in 2011 is 18 as stated by the Singapore Police Force. (Singapore Police Force, 2011,

Road User Groups 2009 2010 DIFF % DIFF
Motorcyclists & Pillion Riders 92 89 -3 -3.3%
Motorcar Drivers and Passengers 12 16 +4 +33.3%
Pedestrians 45 55 +10 +22.2%
Pedal Cyclists 17 16 -1 -5.9%
Others (including Bus Passengers/Drivers, Heavy and Light Goods Vehicles Drivers and Passengers, etc) 17 19 +2 +11.8%
TOTAL 183 195 +12 +6.6%

(Singapore Police Force,

So, riding a motorcycle has just become more dangerous as you are either more likely to get hit by an Ah Tiong (PRC Person) or some foreign worker driving a construction truck. Even driving a car will probably not safe your skin as you get crushed by an 11 Ton Bus slowly, but surely.



  1. There does seem to be a certain macho, boy racer attitude in many drivers. I’m not really sure what they think it achieves. They rarely arrive any quicker because you normally come right up behind them again at the next traffic lights. You can almost feel their ego wither as you approach.

    1. haha I agree with you. Perhaps those drivers are reliving or playing out their supposed enactments of what they would like to be doing, instead of their boring day-jobs. Though they really should not be driving in that manner. haha

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