Misrepresented: Singapore Sportsmen And Advertising

So I was taking the MRT recently, while waiting for my new bike to arrive. I walked to the platform to wait for the train and I saw this:

LionsXII barebodied

Lions XII - we play soccer naked.

Thinking to myself, wait, that IS an advert featuring the Singapore Team Lions XII and their, sponsor, SilkPro Hair Care Products. It seems to be a two way beneficial poster where the Singapore team is promoted and the product is endorsed. On a second look however, why are they not wearing shirts? I mean, I guess it is not that we are not used to having adds of shirtless males around. Though, is the identity of a soccer team not only in the sum of their parts, players & manager, but also in their “colours”; the colours of their jerseys? From my perspective, the advertisement itself looks poorly thought out and cheap. The advertisers seemed to think “sex sells”! take their shirts off! Remember the fiasco of the Singapore Men’s Swimming Team anyone?

Mens Swimming Team

I love the flag giving me a rubdown.

What I do not seem to understand is why the designers/advertisers for Singapore Sports Teams seem to like to misrepresent the team in some way. Either it is through stupidity or total negligence, the Singapore water polo team were wearing trunks with the flags printed in a strange manner ^, like its giving them a rub down every time they move. The Singapore Lions XII have been doing alright in the M-League match-ups. Though I feel that advertisement is really a misrepresentation of the team. So you’re saying that is the Singapore Lions XII, okay. Now you are saying that they’re advertising bare bodied as a team for SilkPro. It does not make sense to remove their “team identity” for an advert that is supposed to feature them endorsing a product, just as how it does not make sense for a team to wear wieners on national television.

Advertisers do try to be as creative as possible, that is their job. Again, there is a fine line between creativity and absurdity that should be double checked, less they transgress into certain morbidity.



  1. If I was your bike dealer, I’d be quaking in my boots right now and making sure that the Pre-Delivery Inspection has been carried out three times over…and once more just to be sure. 😉 Great post.

    1. Haha… Nah I would not be so mean to the dealers haha. I’m getting a CB400 anyways, perfect for city riding, just the right size, will do a review of it soon! 😉 Thanks!

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