Indonesia: Absurd Legal System.

This is in reference to the Article:

We have always heard that Indonesia is the country with relaxed laws and baby smokers.


Also, it has a very strict policy against the filming of pornography, Something that the lead singer of Peter Pan, Ariel, learnt the hard way after being sent to prison due to the videos with Luna Maya and some other chick.

Luna Maya

Luna Maya - Hot Even With Clothes On

However, nothing, I mean NOTHING I have heard so far regarding the law system in Indonesia has beat this

” JAKARTA (AFP) – Three Indonesian men and a woman arrested for allegedly making a pornographic video were ordered to re-enact steamy sex scenes as part of a police investigation, a detective said on Thursday. ” – ST News

I wonder if the police were jerking off to the people doing it while high on a mix of concoctions or if they were seriously prosecuting these people via the use of re-enactment from the SUSPECTS. Hilarious. Another strange thing is their strictness when it comes to filming home-made sex videos. It is strange that a country with so much more to worry about would spend time, money and effort to arrest those whom are a little more, experimental, with their sex lives. When they could be avoiding some other *hint* things that could be a little more beneficial to the countries well being.

” It was one of several attacks reported during 2005 in the 550-mile channel separating the Indonesian island of Sumatra from the Malay Peninsula, Singapore perched at its southern tip.” – National Geographic.

So If one committed murder in Indonesia, would they ask the suspect to re-enact the murder by stabbing the dead corpse again? I wonder.


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