Review: Pivot Blue Raizin VS-1

Can car accessories be used in bikes? The answer most of the time is, yes.

So when I heard of the Pivot Racing Blue Raizin VS-1 Which was designed for cars,

I went out and got one for myself. I got the VS-1 with the grounding set, a messy 5-cable affair.

VS-1 Voltage Stabilizer

VS-1 Voltage Stabilizer

Well, some of you might be wondering, what could a voltage stabilizer possibly do for me? Well there are capacitors in the voltage stabilizer that helps to regulate the electrical system (sort of like a 2nd battery) and the grounding set helps to improve performance and fuel efficiency. I installed it on my CBR400RR and it worked like magic. The voltage reading on the meter was higher overall and the pick-up and fuel efficiency did improve. The engine also seemed to be quieter and it seemed to fire more evenly. However it only seemed to have an effect on engines that are >400cc’s, placing it on a smaller bike did not help very much.

Well simply, fitting it on is not an issue and there are visible voltage differences that are observed; as I have a volt meter attached to the motorcycle, which takes a direct reading from the batteries negative and positive poles. However do be careful as there are “fakes” that are circulating around. 

My Next post will be about how to fit this device into a motorcycle, a DIY guide.


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