Singapore Public Transport; U mad bro?

Referring to an Article on STOMP, a Singapore “citizens news” website.


I do not know if the person taking the photo or the person caught in the act is worse.

There are many examples, some of which I may list and link to later on in this article, of people misbehaving on public transports. It is bad enough that Singapore trains and buses have been consistently falling apart recently. Again in reference to the culture here, perhaps many people are simply oblivious as to what is done is to be kept in a personal sphere and what is to be done in a public sphere; by using the word sphere I mean domain, or area. Public transport in Singapore might be efficient; having a large network of access and close knit schedules. Yet, it is made intolerable by a sizable fraction of the people on it. It is bad enough that the government is cramming 6million people on this tiny piece of estate, so public transport does get a little crowded and sort of like a long sardine can. There are just some really insufferable people on board whom make life a little less worth living.

In the time that I had taken public transport, I had witnessed people who for instance, Sleep across perfectly good seats! Further placing their shoes on the seats, Blocking others seats/passageways with shopping bags, you get the point. I mean have the decency to not inconvenience others.

Yet, I do not blame only these people for the way they act, no, It is also those around them, as a society, Singaporeans are willing to complain but never willing to act on it. Most STOMPER(s) are voyeuristic characters who tend to simply want to complain, but they are never willing to approach the problem head on. SPEAK to the inconsiderate party and if need be, get other passengers/the driver on YOUR side. The people on STOMP are simply whining pussies, whom are pretending to be doing something about the matter like “publicly shaming” the person via an internet channel. There are cool and funny things on STOMP, though the bulk of it is rubbish. Referring to my quote in the image above, if you feel that the person is acting inappropriately, eg. Masturbating openly on a public transport, explain to them why what they are doing is wrong and why it inconveniences others, yes, it may not work every time though even a meager 30% success rate gives you 1 in 3 persons correcting their behavior. This would have a better success rate than taking a photo and putting it on online media. Either do something, or shut the f*ck up.


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