Riding Into Johor Bahru Pt. 1

For those of you whom love to venture into Johor Bahru but don’t quite know the place too well, here are some places you might want to visit! I will be going more in-depth into these places once my camera is up and working again; my camera had broken ūüė• and is currently undergoing repairs. In the posts, i will be rating the places on its ambience, interest, shopping experiences, dining experiences and safety, both of the persons and the vehicles! So lets get into part 1!

City Square Mall.

How to get there?
After Departing from the Malaysian customs, keep left, take the lower fork and not the flyover and make a left turn at the first traffic light, keep left again and take the left fork. Keep right, the building and carpark entrance will be on the right.

Things to experience and see

  • Shops
    • Lee Cooper Originals
    • Cotton On
    • Reject Shop
  • Dining/Coffee
    • JCO
    • Seasons (Swensens)
    • Rib/Steak Houses
    • Mcdonalds
    • Starbucks
  • Shopping Experience: 3/5

Good Price for good quality goods, however, the prices are close to those in Singapore, except with lower exchange rates.

  • Dining Experience: 4/5

The food is fresh and the portions are huge! Very low prices too!

  • Safety: 4/5

The mall is secured by Nepalese Guards, (Gurkhas), even the carparks are under constant surveillance, so fret not!

Lorong Bapok/Jalan Bapok/Ah gua Lane

How to get there?
Upon exiting the Malaysian customs keep right and go up the flyover, take the first exit from the flyover after which you should make a right turn at the traffic light. Keep left and exit into the first slip-road you see on your left.

Things to experience and see.

  • Food
    • There are great open air hawkers there, for about maybe RM30? about SGD15 you can eat to your hearts fill for 2 persons, with dishes such as Chinese style fried rice, nasi ayam ( chicken rice ), otah (spicy fish meat) and many other local style dishes to try!
  • Motoring
    • Both Bike and Car washes are available there from as low as RM9 (SGD4) for bikes, great service by the washing guys too!
    • Many Bike shops along this stretch of road, however do take note that most of these bike shops service 2B (small bikes <400cc)
  • Bapok/Ah Gua (Transsexual)
    • I do not condone such activities however, for those of you with an inclination to transsexuals, this place is happening, especially on the nights of weekends!
  • Shopping/Service Experience: 3/5

Wide variety of parts available, however it is only meant for small bikes, also, some of the shop keepers are slightly irritable when providing information.

  • Dining Experience: 3/5

The food is fresh and the portions are huge! Very low prices too! The only thing is that the food might not be up your alley, as it is served at the roadside, pretty literally.

  • Safety: 2/5

Do watch out for the exit of the places as sometimes there are lurkers, also do park your vehicle near you and watch your belongings when at Jalan Bapok.

I’ll leave you with these two places currently, as I do not have photos nor a “Get there Video” as my camera is down, but I will be back soon with full photos (food and all) and a “get there video” of the ride to the destination! Of course finally, more destinations to visit and chill at!


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