Bad Habit: Traffic Police Sitting ducks in drivers blind spot?

In most countries in the world, most riders and drivers are taught to stay out of another drivers blind spot. Many accidents, sometimes fatal are resultant from those whom ignore this rule.

Blind Spot Diagram

Blind Spot Diagram

Which brings me to my next point. I am not trying to make any accusations or any claims here, however, from common observation, the traffic police (especially in Singapore) are often trained to do the opposite of what is usually taught, which is to hide in peoples blind spots to observe the driver/rider. This is not a false accusation, and there have been many instances where I have personally encountered traffic police sitting in someone’s blind spot, including mine.

24/2/2012 TP Collided with Car New Paper

February 24, 2012: Singapore New Paper

There have been instances on the road which I have seen and encountered, even in personal experiences, where the traffic police had signaled the driver to pull over, after doing so, they would slow down and pull back into the drivers blind spot. This causes confusion as the driver is already nervous/worked up about being pulled over, and he/she is trying to get to the Hard Shoulder as swiftly as possible but he/she cannot confidently ascertain the position of the traffic police that is tailing them. It could be a matter of habit, or it could be a matter of indifference as they are so used to doing things in that fashion. Perhaps it might not be applicable to the article, as it is only a photo and there is no concrete evidence to state that either party is at fault, considering the high number of variables that occur concurrently on the road. However it is still a disturbing thought that many traffic police officers would ride in a persons blind spot even though they are not required to, as if their occupational hazards were not enough. These habits of course are not equally distributed across the board, however a large number of traffic police officers that I have come across seemed to be in the habit of sitting in blind spots.

Perhaps the traffic police should be more vigilant of their own safety and not leave it in the hands of other motorists. The incident in the above article could have turned out tragically, not something that anyone would wish on another. Also the motorists should stay calm when there is a traffic police officer in their sights. However, all these are only feasible in theoretical terms, in practical terms, these habits and actions are difficult to eradicate.


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