Trip to Port Dickson: Riding Around Port Dickson Pt 3.

The view from the hotel cafe which is situated next to its boathouse on the last day of my stay there.
Don’t ever want to leave this bed.

The Sunrise from the room.

All in all the cost of the hotel amounted up to about 300rm for the 3 days but it was well worth the trip, the security at the hotel and the views of the area was stunning.
Now started the long 300km ride back to Singapore from Seremban Via the North-South Highway.
This is going to be a long way home.

We rode by the same route back to Singapore except we did not stop for lunch at Malacca as we had already   had our fill to eat at the hotel. Down the road I was hoping that there would not be any problems with the Duct Taped Fairing from the trip up.
The trip home was pretty uneventful except the stunning views of the hills, ‘Kampongs’ (thatched houses) and farms that greeted us on the way back to home.
similar views from the same road. 🙂

3/4’s of the way back along the Johor Stretch of the North South Highway things managed to get a little interesting.
Somewhere Just about there.

I was cruising along at about 140km/h when I saw a rider pushing his Honda Hornet 250 On the side of the road. I pulled over to see if I could offer him any help. I was mentally prepared for an engine breakdown, coolant leak, oil leak or something serious of that sort. Turns out he had ran out of gas. The nearest gas station would be about a mile and a half away. So I took out a water bottle to give him some gas.
Once again by the side of the Malaysian North-South Highway

I gave him about 500ml of petrol which would be enough to get him to the next petrol station. He was extremely grateful for it and he tried to pay me for the petrol. I was content with simply just being friends. I was surprised to learn that his Honda Hornet had actually been bought in Singapore for about SGD1500!! God that bike looks fantastic!
And so we set off after exchanging contacts and his father contacting me and thanking me for helping his son out later was a warm and nice gesture.
That pretty much sums up the fill of the short ‘roadtrip’ getaway from Singapore to Port Dickson!

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