Trip to Port Dickson: Riding Around Port Dickson Pt 2.

The General Overview of Port Dickson
Getting Lost There isn’t so bad.

Port Dickson is home to quite a number of army installations and not one, but two army museums. The entry to this museums are of course free. However if you do try to go to Port Dickson by Bus, Please be prepared that there are NO MOTORCYCLE/SCOOTER rentals available. For some reason, they are just not willing to loan out motorcycles or scooters. 
The public beach where you find a car has driven up the grass

I bet you could swim onto that island and have some
private fun. 
Do however remember that this is a strict Muslim
State in Malaysia.

I went around most parts of Port Dickson, though due to the lack of time during the trip I was not able to fully photograph and capture the scenery of the place. What a bummer, well maybe next time. The public beach was clean and the water was clear. The only problem was the accessibility, it was 2-3miles away from the hotel, which itself had a private beach.
Private beaches always look nicer than the public ones

However for those of you who enjoy riding there are ribbons of asphalt that are located in Port Dickson. The map below is an example of some of those ribbons of asphalt. Do be CAUTIOUS as some of the roads there may be quite treacherous due to negligent maintenance. However the road closer to the sea side has crests and drops through the corners which makes them interesting if you take those roads at around 10-11am when there is less traffic, even if you rent a car the roads are still a sight and experience to behold. 

Taking corners one step at a time

The Town in Port Dickson

If you do  however go to the Bandar Baru Sungala which is sort of the town area in Port Dickson you will find money changers, DVD stores and many other simple amenities. One of the places that I personally find superb is an Ice-Cream Parlour located near the entrance of the town.

It never looked so good for 20RM.

The conveniently located Ice-Cream Parlor in the town is a welcoming Oasis if like me you decide to head out on a sweltering hot Afternoon. The place is something which you can’t miss an entire area of the building in green, with the words ICE ROOM on the side.

The Hotel Again

After the meal and romping around town it seemed inevitable that I would return to the hotel to retire as the stresses of the heat were getting to me.

Traumatizing people since 1990.

A quick walk by the beach and back to the hotel room for the evening.


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