10 Things I have learnt while riding in Singapore Pt 1.

These are a couple of things I have learnt about the roads around Singapore in the minute number of miles since I got my licence.

1. If no one saw it, it did not happen

This definitely happened, Dude.

This is the “heck care” or lackadaisical attitude that most Singaporeans tend to take when driving and if they hit someone or something, most of the time, they would say things like “WHERE GOT? WHERE GOT? I DID NOT HIT YOU!” [ what they are trying to say is: “I did not even feel my large heap of metal turn you into paste” ] and if they are caught red handed, they will simply act as if there is no damage to your vehicle  or persons whatsoever. 
2. Car drivers do not care whether you are in the lane and will simply pull out as and when they wish 

your next trip to the hospital.

3. The hot and humid weather and a tad bit of ignorance leads MANY riders to dress as if they were in their homes, eg. Singlets, Shorts and Slippers.

you might think that’s cool.

If she takes a fall in that position she is probably going to have a dislocated pelvis and it will not be pretty. Most riders in Singapore do not take safety seriously enough, and it is common sight to see even younger supposedly more educated riders often riding without any safety precautions in place.

4. Old taxicab drivers would scream at you in Hokkien if you squeeze them off after a tiff even if it was initially their fault
5. Both Cars and Motorcycle lots are often misused by really crabby people; this usually happens at the times when one simply wishes to park his/her vehicle in a crowded carpark to proceed on with their activities.
Even a blind man can park better than you

Parking in Singapore, pronounced by most locals as “Pah King” can be a living hell, sometimes you wait almost half an hour for a lot and some guy just “steals” it away from you. Especially in a small country like Singapore the parking can get a little more than a little cramped on a daily basis. To avoid people from cheating and not paying their parking fees in the carparks by not tearing the relevant coupons and such.
This sells better in Singapore than 4D/Lotto Tickets

The Government or “Gah Ment” / “Ah Kong” [Meaning Grandfather] has installed electronic gantries with cameras and all the other bells and whistles. 
Cringing at every cold and mechanical beep

Honestly, this does not really help the problem as it makes it more likely that people will take up 2 Parking spaces with one car, or park in a non specified place all the more, as the good old fashioned policing is no longer in place, where an attendant would come and manually check on cars/motorcycles parked in the area at that time.
Part 2 To be Up Soon! =d

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