NS and Riding FAQs

For all of you riders whom are soon going to wear green or are wearing green and going to get a bike licence, Here are a few FAQs about NS and Riding. In the past few weeks I have had fresh NS Full time Servicemen (Fresh out of BMT) asking me, a “lau peng” ( A personnel whom is about to complete his 2 years of service or a reservist personnel) about riding into camp.

Procedures for riding into SAF camps and certain other installations inclusive of certain civillian engineering sectors:

1) You are REQUIRED to attend a minimum 1/2 day Defensive Riding Course.

The defensive riding course will be reimbursed by the SAF provided you apply for it through your man-power branch OR your admin branch, where you would have to fill out some forms. The waiting time in general is about a month or two before you can take the course if you do it that way. The course would then be held at SSDC ( Singapore Safety Driving Center ) . There are faster ways of getting around this by applying for your defensive riding course at CDC (Comfort Delgro Driving Center) or BBDC (Bukit Batok Driving Center). Applying at these centers directly would mean your waiting time would be cut to about a week.
 However the defensive riding course if taken at CDC or BBDC WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED.
There is no way to cham siong (meaning to try to negotiate to get yourself out of a spot of trouble) and you will not be allowed to ride into SAF camps without a defensive riding certificate.

2) You have your Defensive Riding Cert, Now What?
If you already posses your defensive riding cert, you would have to go to camp and exchange it for a certain agreement “contract” with the Man-power Branch or Military Transport Line. It comes in the form of a book. You will have to Sign the undertaking and so will your superior (usually a regular serviceman) to allow you to ride into camp. 

3) I’ve Signed the Undertaking so what proof do I get that I have attended the course?
After signing the undertaking, flip to the back of the book and remove a circular disc sticker about the size of a 20cent coin and stick it on your 11B (your replacement Identification Card for the 2 years) preferably. Such as below on the bottom left hand corner of the Identification Card the Singapore Armed Forces Crest and some random writings below.

Things to take note of:

1) You are not allowed to take a pillion to and from camp or place of duty if you are under 24 years of age.

2) You are to ride responsibly when in uniform and when in camp

3) The Military Police on the road may stop you and check you if you are in uniform so try to book out in civillian clothing if possible.

4) Defensive Riding is not a test, there is no “pass” or “fail” to worry about so simply go there and enjoy the day!

The failure to abide by these 2 main rules may get you a disqualification of your defensive driving “licence” following which you will no longer be allowed to ride into SAF camps.



      1. Haha. I would think that someone who would ask a question is less ignorant than someone who would not ask at all! 🙂 you ride motorcycles as well?

      2. Cool! what kind of bikes did they use back in the ’70s? I started riding with motorcross as well but i stopped due to an injury.

      3. I used a Montesa Cappra 250 VA and later the VB. Sure it’s first time you hear about, hahaha
        Many times we were drunk, so no pain when bit the dust…

      4. 2Stroker i would guess? Well sometimes the ol’ bikes are better, they have less interference with the riders input.

      5. haha… I tried old school 250cc 2 stroke sports bikes in Malaysia, Freaky Fast and powerful haha…

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