The First Trip: To Port Dickson Malaysia Pt 1.

As all good things start small I have decided to start small and go on a road trip from Singapore to Port Dickson Malaysia, doing this journey using a 400cc motorcycle.

Obviously it is a sports bike as this isn’t the Dakar Rally.
By the Beach at Port Dickson.

Before leaving I had the entire bike checked as it is quite an old sports bike, produced by Honda in 1992.
Here is a map of the route, however I had made quite many a detour and headed to Malacca for a short period of time.

Everything looks very nice on a map. Doesn’t it?

Across The Causeway

On this trip i could not get any on board videos as the riding tripod had broken down :O.
So, I left Singapore at 10:00am and headed to the border to start the trip. Crossing the borders at the causeway was a pretty simple task.

Next was going to the money changers to get some MYR.
They are conveniently located just after the causeway and in large numbers too!

@ the money changers in Johor Bahru

After which I proceeded onto the North-South Highway. This was going to be a long ride, about 200 miles in distance. However there are great views that make for good accompaniment along the way, Gunung Pulai, Gunung Ledang, (Gunung = Mt. in Malay). Views such as these are not uncommon.

The view from the side of the Highway, Please do note
that it is illegal to stop at the side of the highway.

The BreakDown

Along the way I faced certain problems, my “excellent” luck, a screw had fallen from the fairings and it caused the entire left fairing to break and rip itself apart at 100mph on the Malaysian highway.

This is quite the time to go oh S*it.

Along the super heated M’sian North-South Highway, one of the worst things that could happen is this.
So there and then on the road shoulder, I started to do the repairs.

Gaffer Tape and a singlet solves many problems on a motorway

Now it is fixed, however I was behind schedule as the fairings had broken and left me stranded at the 200km mark on the North-South Highway. Leaving the spot, I tried to make up for lost time by overtaking the many lorries and trucks along the highway.

This feels a long way from home;
when you’re left stranded on the highway.

We hit Malacca and we went out into the state for lunch, at the Botanical Gardens Café Malacca. We were pleasantly delighted by the food and the peaceful surroundings that enveloped the cafe.

The Perfect Lunch for a sunny day.

Café Botanikal Malacca

After the lunch I made haste, with only 90km/50 miles left to the Resort in Port Dickson.
The Last 50 miles though were very scenic as I cruised through the highlands and hills of Seremban.
The roads were more or less even and the traffic flow was light due to it being a country road so I gave it the beans and went for it.

The Resort

Reaching the Resort was like getting to the promised land, I was dying for a bath as I had been sweating the whole afternoon in the tropical heat, 32º / 26º with a humidity of over 80%.

A very elaborate Lobby.

Arriving at the lobby of the Avillion Admiral Cove Resort was comforting and cozy. Arriving at the rooms was an even bigger surprise, I had booked the Superior Suite, and the hotel was prompt and quick to hand me my room.

A cosy little abode for the weary traveller

The travel was tiring and it was time for some well deserved rest.


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